Healthcare Services and Programs

At OhioHealth, we provide expertise focused on the unique needs of the geriatric population. Our senior health services include both inpatient and outpatient care.

Outpatient Programs and Resources for Caregivers and Older Adults

OhioHealth John J. Gerlach Center for Senior Health provides outpatient health, wellness and education programs for caregivers and adults ages 50 and older through the AdvantAge program, as well as geriatric medical consultations, neuropsychological testing and other outpatient services.

We can put an older adult or caregiver in touch with the appropriate OhioHealth services or other community resources best suited to their needs – even if the older adult lives outside of Ohio.

Gerlach Center associates also can provide you and your family with information and resources regarding needs for:

  • Housing options
  • Transportation
  • Respite care services
  • Counseling services
  • Advance directives
  • Support groups
  • Financial resources
  • Home health services
  • And many other community resources

Call the Gerlach Center at (614) 566.5858 for information. 



Find a senior health care program.   Look for a class in our Senior Health Catalog:

Outpatient senior health services offered at The Gerlach Center include clinics and neuropsychological evaluations, as listed below.

Guidance and Support for Senior Health Concerns

The Gerlach Center's multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers and other specialized healthcare professionals can provide guidance and support while helping sort through senior health and lifestyle concerns, such as:

  • Trouble managing familiar tasks
  • Memory loss
  • The coordination of different medications
  • Complicated medical issues
  • Changes in mood or behavior
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Withdrawal, isolation and lack of joy in life
  • Concerns with the ability to live alone
  • Changes in mobility or daily independent functioning

Learn more about what to expect from the comprehensive geriatric medical consultation available at The Gerlach Center.

Neuropsychological Testing

Physicians often request a neuropsychological evaluation when a patient exhibits memory, behavior or emotional changes that are not easily explained or treated. 

This testing can assist in diagnosis and treatment of the concern.

Imaging, such as CT scans, PET scans and MRIs, are used to determine how the structure of your brain looks and can show if changes are evident. Additionally, a neuropsychological evaluation provides helpful information to your doctor about how your brain is working — or how well you are thinking. This is accomplished through a variety of discussions and objective measures over several visits with our experienced, doctoral-level neuropsychologist.

Testing areas include abilities related to judgment, reasoning, memory, organization, speed and sequencing. The results of the testing are used to help guide additional treatment.

Please visit the OhioHealth Neuropsychology program page for more information.

Memory Disorder Clinic 

To learn more about the OhioHealth Memory Disorder Clinic, or to schedule a cognitive disorders consultation and follow-up appointments, call (614) 566.5858.

At OhioHealth, we offer superior expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders. To learn more, please visit OhioHealth Cognitive Neurology.

Lewy Body and Parkinson's Disease Dementia Support Group

For a friend or family member of someone diagnosed with one or both of these disorders. Respite care and group time is also available for the diagnosed individual.
Staff and Volunteers of the Alzheimer's Association
Call (614) 457.6003 to register.
Location: The Gerlach Center

The Early Stage Memory Group: Journeys 

A shared education/support experience for someone with an early stage dementia diagnosis and one of their family members/friends. Funded by The Columbus Foundation, William Greenville Pace Medical Research Fund.
Alzheimer's Association of Central Ohio
Call (614) 457.6003 about upcoming sessions.
Location: The Gerlach Center

Grief Support and Grief Counseling

OhioHealth offers support groups about the grieving process and how to cope for all ages, including children, adolescents and adults.

Stroke Survivor Groups 

The National Stroke Association encourages stroke survivors and their family members/loved ones/ caregivers to join a stroke support group. These groups provide education, practical recovery tips, linkage to local resources and introduction to other survivors and caregivers.  

OhioHealth offers the following stroke support group:

Stroke Survivor Group: 1st Tuesday of each month, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
OhioHealth Neurological Rehabilitation, Social Worker Sally Oiler, LISW
Call Sally at (614) 566.1124 for more information.
Location: OhioHealth John J. Gerlach Center


OhioHealth Senior Health Services is part of the OhioHealth system of healthcare, which means you have access to a wealth of programs and services throughout the system. Here are some of them:

Aquatic Therapy – individualized treatment plans to help you return to land-based activities

Anticoag/Lipid Clinic –for patients with elevated blood lipids resistant to standard therapy

Balance and Vestibular – therapy for patients suffering from vertigo, dizziness and balance issues

Behavioral Health – professional support for behavioral health conditions

Brain and Stroke Therapy – individualized treatment for neurologic disorders, brain injuries and more

Community Prevention and Wellness – program addresses heart health in a unique approach to care

Congestive Heart Failure Clinic– comprehensive care for heart failure patients

Delay the Disease – exercise to fight Parkinson's symptoms

Dietitians/Nutritionists – individualized nutrition counseling

D.R.I.V.E/ Wheelchair sitting – mobility rehabilitation that addresses driving issues and wheelchair needs

Heart Rehab – comprehensive program to help heart patients live healthy, active lives

Homecare – expert home health care, including medical equipment, infusion pharmacy and hospice

Lymphedema Therapy – specialized therapy treatments to reduce lymphatic fluid accumulation

Palliative Care – pain control and symptom management

Pelvic Floor/Incontinence Therapy – learn more about associated education and treatment

Physical Therapy – advanced techniques to help patients improve gait, balance and mobility

Pulmonary and Asthma Services – treatment for common, chronic pulmonary diseases

Pulmonary Rehab in Marion – treatment for common, chronic pulmonary diseases

Vestibular and Balance Therapy – treatment for vertigo, dizziness, balance and other similar conditions

Wound Care – specialized management in wound treatment

Inpatient Care Specialized for Older Adults

At OhioHealth Grant Medical Center, we offer care that's customized for patients ages 70 and over on the Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit. The goals of this special unit include:

  • Treating medical conditions using evidence-based medicine
  • Controlling pain
  • Maintaining the patient's functionality while maximizing rest
  • Decreasing confusion while the patient is hospitalized
  • Providing education regarding the patient's illness and the healing process

In addition, the ACE medical staff helps older adult patients transition to home or a skilled nursing facility, following a health-related event for which expert medical services are still required.

Specialized, Geriatric Medical Team

Care on the ACE Unit is coordinated by a certified nurse practitioner, who works in collaboration with the patient's doctor and hospital medicine staff to establish a personalized daily care plan. 

The team provides the highest quality care and works hard to help ACE patients achieve a successful discharge from the hospital. This team includes:

  • A geriatrician
  • A certified nurse practitioner
  • Registered nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Home health coordinators
  • A licensed social worker

For more information about the ACE Unit at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center, please read our brochure (PDF). You can call us with questions, both before or after the patient's stay at (614) 566.7257.

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