Medical Education

Amy Beatty
Amy Beatty, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Director
Rotation: Medication Use and Process Improvement

Amy earned her PharmD from Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio, in 2003. She completed PGY1 residency at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, in 2004. Amy joined the clinical pharmacy team at that time participating in critical care, cardiology, medicine, heart failure clinic and the residency program, to name a few. She became the clinical coordinator in 2005 and was responsible for coordinating the P&T activities, as well as clinical service line initiatives. In 2006, Amy transferred to OhioHealth Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, to establish a new critical care clinical pharmacist position. She worked within that position for five years before being promoted to site manager for that campus. Amy was responsible for operations at the Doctors Hospital pharmacy for two years before moving into the clinical director role at the OhioHealth System level. Amy is an advocate for pharmacists as the medication expert facilitating safe and effective medication use for all patients. Her diverse background will provide a valuable resource as a preceptor for residents pursuing clinical, operational and leadership experience for their future careers.

Gretchen Roeger
Gretchen Roeger, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Coordinator
Rotation: Medication Use and Process Improvement

Gretchen is the clinical coordinator for OhioHealth Pharmacy Services. In her role, she oversees medication use and process improvement activities, formulary management and technology related to medication utilization. Gretchen earned her doctor of pharmacy degree from Ohio Northern University. She completed an ASHP accredited residency in pharmacy practice at Mount Carmel Medical Center and served in a clinical pharmacist role at Grady Memorial Hospital prior to transitioning to clinical coordinator.

Peg Huwer
Peg Huwer, PharmD

Director of Riverside Methodist Hospital, Dublin Methodist Hospital, PGY1 Residency Program Director
Rotations: Administration and Leadership

Dr. Huwer is the director for Riverside Methodist and Dublin Methodist hospitals. She received a B.S. in pharmacy from Ohio Northern University and PharmD from The Ohio State University. She also completed a Hospital Pharmacy Practice Residency at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a member of ASHP’s House of Delegates and was chair of the Quality and Compliance SAG. Peg has served as president and director of Educational Affairs of OSHP and president of COSHP. She is a past recipient of the OSHP Pharmacist of the Year and Timothy D. Moore Pharmacy Management awards and COSHP Pharmacist and Manager of the Year awards. She is currently a member of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

Dr. Huwer believes that "Riverside’s preceptors are truly dedicated to developing high-functioning clinical practitioners. I also place a strong emphasis on professional involvement with our residents. We are fortunate to be a part of this profession and being active in our organizations is one way to give back for the privilege we have earned to practice pharmacy."

Meggan Owens
Meggan Owens, PharmD

Operations Manager of Clinical Services, PGY1 Residency Co-Coordinator
Rotation: Clinical Management

In her 12 year career at Riverside Methodist Hospital, Dr. Owens has had a variety of roles. Upon graduation from Ohio Northern University in 2001, she embarked on her first position at Riverside Methodist as a pharmacy practice resident. She was then hired as a second shift staff pharmacist, and then moved to first shift to cover numerous clinical areas, including our three critical care units and the outpatient heart failure/warfarin clinics. In 2004, Dr. Owens had the opportunity to become Riverside Methodist's first full-time medication safety pharmacist. She transitioned into a clinical coordinator role and two years ago into her current position. Although each position offered its own unique challenges, one variable remained true. She really enjoys working for a progressive, innovative and forward thinking company that places high importance on not only the patients we serve but the employees who work for it.

Tara Fisher
Tara Fisher, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Pharmacist, PGY1 Residency Co-Coordinator
Infectious Disease, Critical Care

Dr. Fisher graduated from The Ohio State University in 2006 with a PharmD degree and completed her pharmacy practice residency at Riverside Methodist Hospital from 2006 to 2007.

She currently serves as residency co-coordinator and as the primary pharmacy preceptor for the Infectious Disease rotation. As a clinical pharmacist, she primarily works in critical care. As a preceptor, Dr. Fisher tries to facilitate autonomy to allow the resident to become a successful and confident independent practitioner. Dr. Fisher expands her role by actively participating in both the corporate Ohio Health and Riverside Methodist Antimicrobial Stewardship subcommittees and the Pneumonia Readmissions Work Team.

Lorrie Burns
Lorrie Burns, PharmD

Medication Safety Pharmacist

Dr. Burns graduated from Ohio Northern University in 1980 and completed her PharmD at The Ohio State University in 2003. She served as clinical pharmacist for the award-winning neuroscience team for 23 years and assisted in its attainment of Ohio's first Joint Commission Accredited Primary Stroke Center in 2004. She was honored with an individual citation by the chief executive of Riverside Methodist in 2008 for her development of the health system organ donation order set.

In her role as medication safety pharmacist, Lorrie evaluates and trends medication errors, develops risk and error mitigation strategies, and assists the management team in implementation and evaluation of safety processes. She actively participates on the Medication Management Committee, Lateral Integration Safety Team and the OhioHealth Safety Committee. She co-authored a manuscript detailing the strategies of the OhioHealth pharmacies for managing drug shortages, which led to an ISMP Cheers Award in 2011. The medication safety rotation is unique and designed to expose residents to the many facets of patient safety.

Pamela Buschur
Pamela Buschur, PharmD, BCPS

Neuro Critical Care Clinical Pharmacist
Neuro Critical Care

Dr. Buschur graduated from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy in 2005. She then went on to complete a PGY1 pharmacy practice residency at University of Tennessee Medical Center in 2006 and a PGY2 critical care residency at Cleveland Clinic in 2007. She worked for a year at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as a unit-based clinical pharmacist in the Neurointensive Care Unit before starting at Riverside Methodist in 2008.

Dr. Buschur currently works as the Neuro Critical Care clinical pharmacist at Riverside Methodist and serves as the pharmacy representative for the Neuroscience Continuous Process Improvement Team and the Brain and Stroke Committee.

Mark Friedman
Mark Friedman, PharmD

Cardiac Critical Care Clinical Pharmacist
Cardiac Critical Care

Dr. Friedman graduated from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy in 1985. He then completed his PharmD at the University of Florida in 2002. He is currently the lead pharmacist for the cardiology team and serves as the clinical preceptor for the Critical Care Cardiology rotation. He has worked at Riverside Methodist Hospital for 26 years.

For the past 10 years, Dr. Friedman has enjoyed the opportunity to provide clinical pharmacy services to the Cardiac Critical care unit. Mark also serves as the pharmacy representative for the Cardiac Critical Care Unit Committee, the Surgical Heart Workteam Committee, the Surgical Process Improvement Team, the Cardiology Process Improvement Team and pharmacy liaison to the Interventional Radiology department.

Matt Haldiman
Matt Haldiman, PharmD BCPS

Clinical Pharmacist
Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine

Dr. Haldiman graduated with his PharmD from Ohio Northern University in 2009. Following graduation, he completed a one year pharmacy practice residency at Riverside Methodist Hospital. As one of the members of the Emergency department pharmacy team, he is able to provide a unique teaching experience involving critical thinking skills, collaboration with physicians and direct patient counseling. Dr. Haldiman’s areas of focus also include cardiology, oncology and general medicine units. Additionally, he recently received his board certification in pharmacotherapy.

By rotating through multiple areas within the hospital, Dr. Haldiman is able to provide a well-rounded experience for students and residents.

Angela Harding
Angela Harding, PharmD

Critical Care Pharmacist, PGY2 Critical Care Residency Program Director
Critical Care

Dr. Harding completed an ASHP accredited critical care residency from Hamot Medical Center in 1995. With more than 20 years of experience at Riverside Methodist Hospital, Dr. Harding has been providing her expertise for our multidisciplinary critical care team. She actively works on the OhioHealth Critical Care Committee, Riverside Critical Care Work team and Riverside Investigational Review Board. Most recently, she has established an ASHP PGY 2 Critical Care residency to pass along her knowledge to the next generation of pharmacists.

Teresa Meier
Teresa Meier, PharmD, BCOP

Oncology Clinical Pharmacist

Upon completion of her ASHP accredited residency in 2008, Dr. Meier joined the Riverside Methodist team as one of our clinical pharmacists for oncology services. She has played an integral role in expanding pharmacy services at the OhioHealth Bing Cancer Center. Additionally, Teresa helped establish best practices across OhioHealth by actively participating in the OhioHealth Excellence in Oncology Committee. The team has worked on projects including standardizing chemotherapy regimen pre-printed orders and developing oncology resources for staff pharmacists. She serves as the hospital pharmacy representative on the Oncology Clinical Operation Council and the Riverside Tumor Board.

J. Erin Meilton
J. Erin Meilton, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist
Internal Medicine

Dr. Meilton received her PharmD from Ohio Northern University in 2007 and completed a pharmacy practice residency at Riverside Methodist Hospital from 2007 to 2008. She is currently the lead pharmacist for the medicine team and coordinates the General Medicine rotation. As a preceptor, she engages her residents as independent practitioners to challenge them to develop critical thinking skills needed to assess complex patient situations. She has a unique position within Riverside Methodist that allows her to float through the Intensive Care units, the Emergency department and multiple general medicine units, which has helped her appreciate a patient's journey through the continuum of care.

Dr. Meilton is most passionate about infectious disease, especially HIV. She currently sits on the sedation and analgesia committee and antimicrobial subcommittee.

Curtis Passafume
Curtis Passafume Jr., RPh, MBA

Director of Pharmacy Services, Grant Medical Center, Doctors Hospital and Doctors Hospital-Nelsonville; HSPA Resident Program Director; PGY-1 Residency Program Director
Health System Pharmacy Practice, Department Leadership, Finance

A 1980 graduate from Purdue University, Curt has spent the last 25+ years of his career in pharmacy leadership roles across a number of regional and national provider organizations. Here at OhioHealth he serves as one of five executive directors for pharmacy services with specific campus responsibilities, as well as system responsibilities that span all OhioHealth locations. His philosophy of leadership is one of personal accountability for both himself and his team members that is sprinkled liberally with intentional mentoring and collaboration across professional boundaries. A person must first be solidly self-aware and self-assured before becoming a truly engaged and effective professional. The residency program is not just about becoming a better clinician. It is also about becoming a better professional. That applies to all aspects of what a professional must become in today's rapidly changing and highly demanding healthcare environment. Serving in a precepting and leadership role within the residency programs at OhioHealth, he continues his commitment to professional engagement and continued development. This commitment is also expected for our residents as they journey with us within our programs. Welcome and strap in for an exciting journey.

Natalie Gardner
Natalie Gardner, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Operations Manager
Clinical Management, Clinical Coordination

Natalie A. Gardner, PharmD, graduated from Purdue University (B.S. Pharm in 1988 and PharmD in 1998). She began her professional career with Community Hospitals of Indianapolis as an IV pharmacist and moved through several positions, including critical care satellite, staff development and clinical coordinator. She moved to Cleveland, Tennessee, in 1996, providing clinical services for a small community hospital for four years. In 2000, she joined Grant Medical Center as a staff pharmacist and in 2007 became the clinical manager.

Natalie teaches the masters and PGY1 residents about managing the progressive clinical services provided in a large healthcare system. She helps them navigate taking clinical initiatives from concept to implementation. Several previous residents have secured positions as clinical coordinators or managers after graduation. Others have focused more on learning the clinician’s role in keeping a large system at the forefront of advanced practice. Natalie enjoys tailoring the experience to the resident’s goals and developing confidence in their project management and leadership skills.

Jay Lynch
Jay Lynch, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist
General Medicine

Originally from Sioux City, Iowa, Dr. Lynch obtained his bachelor’s degree from Creighton University in 1980 and his doctorate of pharmacy from Creighton University, 1984.

Dr. Lynch completed his general residency at Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, 1985. He was then hired at Grant Medical Center Pharmacy in 1985 and now brings 27 years experience to the General Medicine Unit at Grant. Currently involved with patient care rounds on the General Medicine Unit and the Acute Care for the Elderly Unit.

Professional interests include infectious disease, therapeutic drug monitoring and geriatric medicine, as well as being a proactive member of the health care team. He is passionate about the development and implementation of innovative programs to improve the health of those we serve.

Current and active committee involvement includes the Antibiotic Stewardship Program and the Orthopedic Continuous Process Improvement Team. He serves as a preceptor for Grant Pharmacy Residents since 1986 and for The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy students since 1986. He also precepts Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy students.

Michelle Meyer
D. Michelle Meyer, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Pharmacist
Nutrition and Pain Managment

Dr. Meyer hails from the great state of Iowa. She received her doctorate of pharmacy from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, in 2002. Then she completed a pharmacy practice residency at Grant Medical Center in 2003. She had such a great time at Grant that she joined the staff.

Michelle has been serving as the primary pharmacist for pain management and nutrition support teams since 2004. She also shapes pharmacy practice at OhioHealth by serving the GMC Pain Committee, Women’s Health CPIT and the OhioHealth Opioid Safety Team.

Though she missed her true calling of becoming a Disney princess, she enjoys pharmacy and the dynamic environment and innovation it provides. She is the pharmacist most likely to burst into song during your rotation. Singing along is acceptable (and encouraged).

David Robinson
David Robinson, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist

Dr. Robinson graduated from The Ohio State University with his B.S. in pharmacy in 1994. He completed a one-year residency in internal medicine at Doctors North Hospital. In 1997, he graduated from The Ohio State University with his PharmD.

Dr. Robinson started at Grant Medical Center in 1997, covering the outpatient anticoagulation clinic and trauma service. Currently, he works on the trauma floor, as well as the intermediate care area. He precepts pharmacy students and residents. He provides numerous lectures to the trauma medical residents and the trauma nurse practitioners. He is a two-time Prism Award recipient. He won in 2006 for stewardship and as a member of the 2013 Grant Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee. David serves on the Antibiotic Stewardship Committee, the Residency Advisory Committee, the Trauma Continuous Process Improvement Team and the OhioHealth Anticoagulation Advisory Committee.

Robert Rockwood
Robert Rockwood, PharmD, BCPS

Critical Care Clinical Pharmacist
Critical Care

Robert Rockwood, PharmD, BCPS graduated with B.S. chemistry from Mount Union College 1980, B.S pharmacy 1983 from University of Cincinnati and post graduate PharmD 1985 from University of Cincinnati. He completed a two year hospital pharmacy residency 1983 to 1985 with the Veterans Administration Medical Center Cincinnati (ASHP accredited). His first pharmacy employment began in 1985-86 as assistant professor of clinical pharmacy at Northeast Louisiana University School of Pharmacy. He then began his employment in 1986 with Grant Medical Center as critical care coordinator. He currently serves as adjunct assistant clinical professor of The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. He daily attends surgical/trauma and pulmonary critical care rounds daily. He precepts clerkship students from Ohio Northern University and The Ohio State University Schools of Pharmacy monthly. Dr. Rockwood precepts both PGY1 and MS residents for core rotations in critical care. His committee involvement includes the Grant Medical Center Critical Care Process Improvement Team and Central Ohio Critical Care Team; Antibiotic Stewardship Committee and Residency Advisory Committee.

Away from Grant, Dr. Rockwood volunteers at Faith Mission Medical Clinic once a month and once a year travels to Honduras with a medical team providing medical/dental assistance through a church mission. Currently he is studying Spanish to enable his service to Spanish speaking people here at home and abroad.

Tim Smith
Tim Smith RPh, MS

Site Manager
Operations, Quality & Regulatory

Tim Smith is currently the pharmacy site manager at Grant Medical Center. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he attended pharmacy school at the University of Toledo, graduating in 1985. His first job was at the Wade Park VA in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was the pharmacist assigned to the spinal cord injury ward and the psychiatric care ward. Next, he worked at the Community Hospital of Bedford. Tim moved to Columbus in 1990 to pursue a pharmacy residency at Grant Medical Center and a master of science in health system pharmacy from The Ohio State University. Upon completing his residency in 1992, he became a manager at Grant. During his 22 years with the hospital, Tim has been involved with implementation of Grant’s first computer system, robotics, bar code technology, operational improvements and enhancement of the Medication Safety Program. Tim is currently the pharmacy residency coordinator. Tim also previously owned and operated Pharmacy Learning Centers, LLC, a vocational school focused on training individuals to become certified pharmacy technicians.