Medical Education

Jeremy Wilks
Jeremy Wilks
Medical School

The Ohio State University

Undergraduate School

Bowling Green State University

Biological Sciences, B.S.


Mount Vernon, OH

Medical Interests

General family medicine, behavioral health, systems improvement


Martial arts, woodworking, obscure/unusual board games

Future Plans

I will likely stay in the Columbus area, hopefully in a suburban or rural practice within easy distance of the city. I may or may not practice OB.

Reason for Residency

I want to be able to treat a wide variety of patients and perform a wide variety of procedures. I would also like to be able to manage obstetric patients (though I may decide not to). I feel that Grant will give me the broad, intensive training required to do this without becoming the “second string” resident that Family Practice residents are often viewed as at other institutions.

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Year of study
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