Medical Education

Indrek Meyer, M.D.
Graduate School

University of Toledo School of Medicine

Undergraduate School

Clemson University

Biological Sciences (BA); Chemistry (BA) with Music


Middletown, Ohio

Medical Interests

Sports medicine


Music, weightlifting, college sports

Future Plans

Urban/suburban private practice and/or sports medicine

Reason for Residency

What sold me on Grant was the genuine friendliness and hospitality of the staff, including a dedication of the staff towards teaching and preparing all of its residents for future careers as family physicians.  Grant also offers a unique opportunity to learn and work directly with attending physicians of all specialties in most all rotations, enabling residents to receive a focused yet well-rounded education.  Grant is a fairly large Level I trauma hospital encompassing a variety of specialties and sub-specialties that may not be present at other smaller residency programs.

[email protected]
Year of study
Fourth Year