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Bob Keating's story

Bob Keating

Bob Keating was serious about his health. He ran marathons. He lifted weights. But one day, he lifted too much weight. He heard a “pop”. And felt immediate and serious pain. He had suffered a complete avulsion (rupture) - a tendon injury that’s among the worst. That’s when he turned to doctors who are among the best.

Like every patient at the Bone & Joint Center at Grant Medical Center, Bob received very specialized care. In his case, from a team of sports medicine experts. They surgically reattached the tendon. After some healing time and physical therapy, Bob’s surgically repaired tendon was almost like new.

Today, Bob is still serious about his health. You’ll find he and his repaired tendon playing with his 2 young daughters, running marathons, and lifting weights, albeit perhaps a bit more cautiously than before.

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