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Lydia Dutton's story

Lydia Dutton

Lydia Dutton spent her life on the farm. And while that life was never really easy, it became a lot harder in 1991 when she took a terrible fall from a hayloft, badly injuring her left elbow. For years she lived with pain, discomfort, and numbness. Then she turned to Grant.

Like every patient at the Bone & Joint Center at Grant Medical Center, Lydia received very specialized care. In her case, a team of joint replacement experts. They completely replaced Lydia’s elbow joint, giving her a level of flexibility and range of motion that she hadn’t had in years.

Today, Lydia still lives on the same farm. And while she isn’t climbing hay lofts anymore, she is spending a lot of time knitting, crocheting, and enjoying the newfound freedom that comes with a fully functioning elbow.

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