About OhioHealth

The footprints that lead to OhioHealth’s doors are as diverse as they are hopeful in our mission to improve the health of those we serve. Sadly, many barriers block the path to lifesaving medical services, leaving some underserved communities miles away from the care they need.

OHRI’s Office of Health Equity conducts research focused on addressing the needs of diverse populations within our community in order to reduce the burden of disease and increase equal access to healthcare throughout Ohio. Our legacy of over a decade of nationally-recognized public health research has helped shape the foundation for a national model.

Current Projects The Office of Health Equity has collaborated with a number of community-based organizations to identify health disparities and research effective interventions.

Get InvolvedContact us to learn about critical information resources that can help you to plan studies in health equity. You may also find it helpful to explore OhioHealth’s other research support programs, including Simulation Services and Grant Management.

Health Equity CouncilHealth Equity research at OhioHealth benefits from the guidance of advisors with extensive experience in the conduct of public health research.

Melissa K. Thomas, PhD, MSPH, MSA, MCHES, CBPN-IC, C.CHW
Manager, Health Disparities Research, Health Equities
(614) 566-5206
[email protected]