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Many governmental agencies and private foundations offer grants to support research projects that reflect their mission.  Navigating the fragmented and complex landscape of grant funding can be challenging. 
If you would like to pursue grant funding, OHRI provides you with guidance to help streamline the process and to ensure that your time is devoted to the scientific and clinical aspects of your research project.

Find Funding Online resources are a great means of identifying sources of funding for the research that you would like to conduct. Popular websites dedicated to grant funded research are listed below.

Project ManagementThe life cycle of a sponsored project consists of two main phases: Pre-Award and Post-Award. OHRI provides administrative support at each phase.

We will help you to acquire the necessary forms and internal approvals for your proposal. This includes assistance in submitting a petition to the Sponsored Projects Office for permission to apply for grant funding, as well as navigation of the Institutional Review Board process.  Also, we can assist you in identifying critical proposal requirements and in developing the scientific aspects of your protocol.

Once funding is awarded, we can assist with contract negotiations and final approval of the award.  Necessary accounting and forms are established with support from our Research Compliance team.

Life Cycle of a Research Grant (PDF)