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For Clinical Staff

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Finance, Regulatory Compliance and Sponsored Programs Support

Efficiently Manage and Report Your Grant Funds

OHRI researchers have access to experts in budgets and contracts, financial management of pre- and post-award monies, as well as billing compliance. 

The staff at OhioHealth Research & Innovation Institute (OHRI) includes experts with extensive experience in managing and reporting clinical grant monies according to rigorous guidelines and management of the clinical research billing lifecycle.

We keep the right people notified, so our OhioHealth clinicians and our sponsor partners remain compliant throughout their research studies.

We Help Researchers Navigate Grant Funding

Navigating the fragmented and complex landscape of grant funding can be challenging. OHRI can help you streamline the process with multidisciplinary technical and administrative support, allowing you to focus your limited time on the scientific and clinical aspects of your study.

Our services include:

  • Pre- and post-financial accounting
  • Grant submission
  • Grant compliance with reporting and documentation
  • Cash management
  • Timeline management

Whatever your research plans, the team at OHRI can assist you at any phase of the grants management process.

This includes assistance in submitting a petition to the OhioHealth Sponsored Projects Office for permission to apply for grant funding, as well as navigating the Institutional Review Board process. We can also assist you identify critical proposal requirements and develop the scientific aspects of your protocol.

  • Funding sources: We can help you identify and get connect with the right funding sources for your project.
  • Feasibility study: Once a grant opportunity has been located, we will help you acquire the necessary forms and internal approvals for your proposal and review it for eligibility and compliance issues.
  • Proposal submission: OHRI is the only OhioHealth department authorized to apply for federal research funding. Once you complete your proposal, our team will review it, provide feedback and submit the application.
  • Financial management: Once funding is awarded, we can assist with contract negotiations and final approval of the award. Our financial management team will determine the forms and accounting necessary for the proper management of your award.

Office of Regulatory Compliance/Institutional Review

The Office of Regulatory Compliance (ORC) supports the activities of the scientific review committees and the ethics review committees to help ensure that the patients who volunteer to participate in our clinical research have access to studies that are safe, ethical and scientifically valid.

  • Regulatory Compliance Staff: The staff in ORC work with the research committees and ethics review boards to ensure the research conducted at OhioHealth meets the federal regulatory standards and OhioHealth policy designed to maintain safe and ethical research.
  • Research Committees: Our scientific review committees review research proposals developed by our resident physicians and other faculty physicians and staff to ensure the study design will yield results that have the greatest potential to positively impact patient care.
  • Institutional Review Boards (IRB): IRBs are committees made up of people of a diverse array of backgrounds and include members with scientific expertise from within the OhioHealth community, as well as those in the local community without ties to OhioHealth. These committees review the risks and benefits of the research to promote safe and ethical conduct of research.

Contact OHRI

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Adam McClintock, MBA, CIP
Manager, Human Subject Research Protection
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