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OhioHealth Foundation

OhioHealth Foundation

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About the OhioHealth Foundation

All of our earnings go toward improving patient care.

The OhioHealth Foundation raises and invests funds to support the work of our Ohio family of faith-based, not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare centers.

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Since 1891, when private money built the first hospital in the OhioHealth system, we have directed the community’s outpouring of generosity into excellent care for our patients. This includes funds for research and equipment, education for our medical professionals and effective care environments for everyone.

By investing funds wisely, we are able to strengthen OhioHealth’s mission in four important ways:

Innovation and technology

New medical innovations, cures and solutions allow us to improve our patients’ experiences in ways both big and small.

Research and education

We fund research and education so our healthcare professionals can continually gain new knowledge, and share what they know with their teams and patients.

Infrastructure and facilities

When we keep our buildings up-to-date, efficient and comfortable, our patients feel better faster and our medical teams can focus on care.

Community outreach

OhioHealth knowledge and expertise goes beyond our walls and into our communities, so the people of central Ohio can access the care and knowledge that will keep them healthy and allow them to thrive.

OhioHealth provides high-quality care to all those we serve, regardless of their ability to pay.

As care needs increase, donations become more important than ever. The funds you give us support our 11 hospitals and more than 50 ambulatory sites, as well as our hospice, home-health and other services — all across a 40-county area.

We reach out to individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations for help. If you’d like to support our mission, call us at (614) 544.4483. We’ll be happy to share the many opportunities for giving.

The People Behind the OhioHealth Foundation

The need for the financial resources to support our mission is matched by the strength and tirelessness of those who lead our philanthropic initiatives.

OhioHealth Foundation Executive Committee

Tanny Crane, Chair
John P. McConnell, Vice-Chair
Ivery D. Foreman, Esq., Secretary/Treasurer
David P. Blom, President and CEO, OhioHealth
Karen J. Morrison, President, OhioHealth Foundation and Senior Vice President, OhioHealth
Trish S. Cadwallader
Steven Fields
Jane Watson Cunningham
Ginni Ragan
Page Vornbrock

Riverside Methodist Hospital Development Board

Ginni Ragan, Chair
Cecily Chester Alexander
Elizabeth Doody Anderson
Joseph M. Berwanger
Arthur G.H. Bing, MD
Toni Bloomfield
David Butler
Karen B. Chester
Joseph "Chris" DeCapua
Peter B. George, MD
Joshua Goldberg, MD
Karanvir S. Grewal, MD
Thomas L. Harmon, MD
Brian Jepson
Richard C. McQuown
William D. Music
David T. Patterson
Ronald “Rocky” Robins, Jr.
Eric C. Smith (Emeritus)
Rita J. Smith, RN
Alan R. Weiler
Aimee White
Willis S. White, Jr. (Emeritus)

Grant Medical Center Development Board

Steven Fields, Chair
David Benseler
Paul Gabriel, MD (ex-officio)
Curtis Gingrich, MD
Stephen J. Habash, Esq.
Michael Lawson (ex-officio)
James Powers, MD
Nancy A. Recchie
Joel Riley
Brian F. Steel
Richard G. Terapak, Esq.

Doctors Hospital Development Board

Ralph Sanese, Jr., Chair
Joe Abel
Steven Andreoli
David M. Bright
Jane Watson Cunningham
Rebecca deVillers, DO
Joseph Geskey, DO
Paige Gutheil Henderson, DO
Eric A. Jones
Michael L. Reichfield
Stephen R. Ulrey
Geraldine Urse, DO, FACOFP
Troy D. Walton

Dublin Methodist Hospital Development Board

Page Vornbrock, Chair
Douglas T. Anderson
Steve Bunyard
Bonnie Coley-Malir
Thomas G. Flesch
Ronald L. Geese
Donna Goss
Ramon Gregory
Milan Herceg, MD
Yoshihiro Hidaka
Justin Hinderer
Amber R. Hulme
Stephanie Infante
Victor D. Irelan
Nicholas J. LaRocca
George W. McCloy
Michael E. Menning
Julie Mercker
David Schwarz
Gregory G. Vradenburg
Scott White

OhioHealth Hospice Development Board

Trish S. Cadwallader, Chair
Charlette R. Gallagher-Allred, PhD
Carol Aronowitz
Thomas Campbell
Rhonda Copeland
Ann M. DiMarco
Connie Gallaher
Philip Glandon
Charles von Gunten, MD
Janie McComas
Judson Millhon, Jr., MD
Mary Beth Morgan 
Tina Null
Anamarie Rayburn
Valerie B. Swiatek