Jobs and Volunteering

In addition to our main package of benefits, we offer our associates a variety of other benefits.

Adoption Assistance

Up to $3,000 per child may be awarded to cover expenses involved with adopting a child.

Child Care Center

Professional, enriching child care at Riverside is available to all central Ohio OhioHealth entitles.


OhioHealth offers one of the most extraordinary personal benefits found in today's workplace. Best Upon Request provides OhioHealth staff in central Ohio with concierge and errand service at virtually no cost to help associates find the necessary balance between work and life. The service helps associates save time, reduce stress and make life easier by helping with time-consuming personal tasks.

OhioHealth University

OhioHealth University provides learning strategies for personal and professional growth of our workforce for the overall benefit of our organization in serving patients and promoting healthy communities.

Corporate Vendor Discounts

Many local area merchants, movie theaters and the Ohio Amusement Parks welcome our patronage by offering discounts to OhioHealth associates.

Credit Union

Free checks and special loan rates are available to you through on-site offices at both Grant and Riverside campuses.

Direct Deposit Services

Your paycheck will be automatically deposited into your bank account of choice.

Employee Assistance Program

Counseling/referral services are available for personal or work-related issues.

RMB Pharmacy

There are benefits for associates using the RMB Pharmacy, which include: ordering 90-day maintenance medications regardless of OhioHealth Medical Plan, pay with payroll deductions, free delivery to Grant Medical Center, Doctors Hospital, Grady Memorial and Dublin Methodist, and more.

Transitional Work Program

Associates who have temporary medical disabilities and will be returning to their original position can consider short-term work assignments during their leave time.

Tuition Reimbursement

Eligible associates can receive reimbursement toward approved degreed programs of study at regionally accredited academic institutions that support a position at  OhioHealth. The maximum annual reimbursement level depends upon your scheduled hours per-pay in a benefits eligible position (part-time $2,000, full-time $3,500). The plan year begins July 1 and ends June 30.

OhioHealth Scholar

As an OhioHealth associate, you can apply to participate in the OhioHealth Scholar program. This program provides reimbursement for degrees and certifications identified as high organizational need by the OhioHealth Education Council Ad Hoc Committee to selected benefit-eligible associates. OhioHealth covers the cost of tuition, required books, lab fees and graduation fees, up to the maximum amounts identified in the policy at select number of academic institutions.