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Medical Education

General Surgery - Riverside Methodist

Medical Education

General Surgery - Riverside Methodist

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Riverside Methodist Hospital General Surgery Residency Faculty

We are dedicated to providing general surgery residents at Riverside Methodist Hospital the clinical experience they need to be successful surgeons. We invite you to meet our exceptional educators.

Oscar R. Ruiz, MD, FACS, Program Director

Philip H. Taylor, Jr., MD, Associate Program Director, System VP Integrated Clinical Services
Geoffrey B. Blossom, MD, Assistant Program Director
Edward P. Dominguez, MD, Assistant Program Director
Daniel R. Watson, MD, Assistant Program Director
David Arrese, MD
John Bach, MD
Marco J. Bonta, MD
Steven B. Duff, MD
Ramy Fouad, MD
Brent Goslin, MD
Natalie Jones, MD
Peter K. Lee, MD
John D. Leff, MD
Larry J. Lilly, MD
Jefferson Lyons, MD
John A. Matyas, MD
B. J. Pomerants, MD
Lance H. Shoemaker, MD
James G Sivard Jr., MD
Thomas Sonnanstine, MD
Michael D. Streicher, MD
Kwang Suh, MD
Robert L. Toscano, MD
William E. Wise, MD

Pediatric Surgeons (Nationwide Children's Hospital)

Jennifer H. Aldrink, MD
Gail E. Besner, MD
Katherine Deans, MD
Renata Fabia, MD
Jonathan I. Groner, MD
Brian Kenney, MD
Denis R. King, MD
Marc P. Michalsky, MD
Peter Minneci, MD
R. Lawrence Moss
Benedict C. Nwomeh, MD
Steven Teich, MD

Transplant Surgeons (OSU Hospital)

Kenneth Andreoni, MD
Ginny Bumgardner, MD, PhD
Elizabeth Davies, MD
Elmadhi Elkhammas, MD
Mitchell Henry, MD
Ronald Pelletier, MD
Amer Rajab, MD, PhD

Burn Surgeons (OSU Hospital)

Larry Jones, MD
Sidney Miller, MD
Brian Porshinsky, MD

Chalmers P. Wylie VA Ambulatory Care Center

G. Mitchell Kennedy, MD