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Medical Education

General Surgery - Doctors Hospital

Medical Education

General Surgery - Doctors Hospital

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General Surgery - Doctors Hospital

Program Director             Residency Program Specialist             Length of Residency             Positions  
John Galante, DO (UOMHS alum)   Maria Moauro 
Residency Program Specialist- Team Lead
(614) 544.1792
(800) 432.3309 ext. 2
  5 years   4 per year  

Residency Program Objectives

The resident will gain a broad knowledge base in the field of general surgery within the guidelines set forth by the American Osteopathic Association and the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons.

The resident will perform accurate and timely history and physicals, pre-operative and post-operative evaluation, and case discussions pertinent to a variety of surgical subspecialties.

The resident will learn to apply basic sciences in the management of the surgical patient. An emphasis will be placed on anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology.

The resident will effectively integrate diagnostic modalities, laboratory medicine and other health care providers in the management of the surgical patient.

The resident will gain experience in assisting and performing a variety of surgical procedures related to all aspects of surgery. The resident will gain this experience under the supervision of the surgical staff, residents, and surgeons associated with the program.

The resident will develop a sound surgical judgment in all aspects of care of the surgical patient.

The resident will integrate academic and clinical medicine through participation in continuing medical education programs throughout the training period.

The resident will develop the academic and surgical skills necessary to satisfactorily complete the examinations required for board certification by the ACOS.