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Sports Medicine Fellowship - Riverside

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Sports Medicine Fellowship - Riverside

The Riverside Sports Medicine Fellowship Program is a one-year ACGME accredited fellowship program sponsored by the Riverside Methodist Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program.

The sports medicine fellowship is made up of the sports medicine fellowship teaching physicians of Max Sports Medicine, McConnell Sports Medicine, community-based orthopedic surgeons, other physician specialties, nutrition specialists and sports psychologists.

Fellowship Director: Jason Diehl, M.D.

The program has four three-month educational rotations allowing for both continuity and diversity. During each rotation, the fellow will gain experiences in sports medicine, orthopedics, athletic team management and related specialties. In addition to sports medicine, related specialty training will include but not be limited to the following: musculoskeletal radiology, sports orthopedics, hand orthopedics, foot and ankle orthopedics, PM&R, stress testing, exercise testing and musculoskeletal ultrasound. Furthermore, academic endeavors will be obtained through presentations at national and local conferences, individual mentoring, directed readings and local workshops.

The fellowship is open to physicians who have successfully completed an accredited residency in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, emergency medicine or internal medicine and pediatrics.

Program Overall Educational Goals and Delineation of Skills:

The Riverside Sports Medicine Fellowship Program will train physicians to be confident and competent in providing medical and musculoskeletal care for athletes and physically active individuals. The graduates will be able to manage patients in a clinical setting, community setting and in an athletic department. The graduates will further be able to successfully perform the duties as a team physician, clinical educator, health care team leader and community leader for health and wellness.

When fellows have completed the program, they will be able to …

  • Evaluate medical and musculoskeletal complaints common in sports and exercise medicine in a variety of practice locations, including special considerations related to age, gender, and disability.
  • Consistently diagnose and manage these illnesses/injuries. 
  • Perform and coordinate pre-participation examinations for athletes in school age and collegiate settings. 
  • Perform common procedures in sports medicine, including injection, aspiration, casting, splinting, taping, compartment pressure measurement, musculoskeletal ultrasound and reduction of joint dislocations. 
  • Communicate with other practitioners, including sub-specialists in multiple settings, including the athletic training facility, the office setting and acute-care settings,
  • Serve as a team physician at many levels, 
  • Provide on-site medical care as an event physician for athletic teams and community/mass participation events, 
  • Effectively review scientific literature pertaining to sports medicine and incorporate the best evidence into clinical practice.
  • Educate other practitioners on the current state of medicine in multiple settings, including in didactic lectures, poster presentations and journal clubs. 
  • Educate patients and other learners utilizing the best evidence-based medicine. 
  • Integrate the practice of sports medicine with other related fields of knowledge and skills, including anatomy, physiology, nutrition, psychology, pathology, rehabilitation, pharmacology, law and ethics, and environmental studies. 
  • Continue to perform clinical skills in their primary specialty. 
  • Promote health and wellness in the community.


  • Jason Diehl, MD, Program Director
  • Darrin Bright, MD
  • Jason Dapore, DO
  • Douglas DiOrio, MD
  • Joel Shaw, MD