Bod Pod – Physical MeasurementsThe Bod Pod is a unique method to assess your body fat and muscle composition. It will help determine your basal metabolic rate and your risk for metabolic disease.

Bone Density Scan Central measurement at the spine and hip for loss of bone mineral content to assess for bone health, osteoporosis and bone fracture risks.

Cardiac Calcium ScoringA state of the art 64 slice cardiac CT scan for coronary calcium is a non-invasive way of obtaining information about the presence, location and extent of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries which may serve as an identifier of future cardiovascular risk.

Cardiovascular Testing (Stress Test, EKG, V02)Tests are performed to study the status of arteries feeding the heart and to evaluate the exercise effects on heart rate, rhythm and blood pressure. They will be used to determine your optimal range for exercise and assess the safety of your cardiovascular activities.

Consult with Registered DietitianA comprehensive review will be conducted of your current dietary pattern and caloric requirements. You will receive personalized approaches for incorporating the latest nutrition recommendations to prevent and/or treat chronic health conditions, preserve good health and meet the challenges of your lifestyle (traveling, entertaining, meetings, etc).

Debriefing with PhysicianA comprehensive, integrated review of the multiple expert’s recommendations and suggestions, treatments and test results from the day will be conducted with our medical director. You will receive a complete summary in a bound book describing the findings and a strategy steps to maintain and improve your health.

Dermatologic ScreenConsultation (screening) with a board certified dermatologist. The physician performs a complete assessment of the skin, hair and nails in order to evaluate and treat potential skin abnormalities. The dermatologist places an emphasis on prevention and education, as well as instruction on self-examination of the skin.

Executive Lifestyle Coaching Our clinical psychologist will quantitatively and qualitatively assess risks for depression, stress and examine personal coping skills. Suggestions will be provided for life enhancement and life balance behaviors.


Lab WorkTraditional (Blood Sugar, Liver, Kidney, Thyroid, and Cholesterol Tests) and emerging biochemical markers (Urine Microalbumin, C-Reactive Protein) will help to assess heart disease and other health risks.

MammogramA digital X-ray image of breast tissue to screen for cancer, lumps or masses.

Massage After a busy day of testing and evaluation, you will receive a relaxing therapeutic massage provided in the privacy of our executive suite.

Musculoskeletal/Physical Therapist AssessmentOur primary care sports medicine physicians will provide evaluation and comprehensive non-surgical management of any muscle, joint and bone conditions, as well as acute and chronic injuries. Working as part of the musculoskeletal team, a physical therapist will provide individualized exercise and treatment specifically for orthopedic conditions.

Pap TestDetermines a woman’s risk for cervical cancer.

Vascular ScreenA non-invasive measurement of blood flow through the carotid (neck) arteries and an assessment of blood flow to the legs. An abdominal ultrasound is also performed to evaluate for abdominal aneurysm.

Vital Signs, Visual and Hearing Screen