Managing Hand and Wrist Pain

March Madness has come and gone. Even so, nothing can make one more mad than hand and wrist pain. From spring cleaning to gardening, texting/typing and everything in between, our hands are critical for most daily activities.

Arthritis of the hand and wrist is a common issue that affects millions of people; however, most people don’t know there are two kinds of arthritis. One is Osteoarthritis, where the joint wears down either from time or from a previous injury. The other type is Rheumatoid arthritis. This type is where the body is inappropriately attacking the joints, causing swelling and break down. Common symptoms of arthritis include stiffness, swelling, pain and limited motion of the affected joints. This leads to decreased activity due to pain, which can affect quality of life.

If you struggle with hand and wrist pain, there are several ways to address the problem. Anti-inflammatory medications, splints and injections are just some of the treatments available. The first step should be an evaluation by your physician to determine which type of arthritis is causing the symptoms, as this can significantly affect treatment options. 

If you are struggling with hand or wrist pain, our experts at the Spine, Sport and Joint Center will be able to help determine the issue and guide you to the most appropriate treatment. For further information or to schedule an appointment, call (614) 566.3810 or visit