Popping Up in Spring: Tennis Elbow

As the weather heats up, so do our activities. Unfortunately, muscles that have been dormant during the winter months can be prone to injury. We often see arm injuries as golf, tennis and softball get into full swing. One of the most common is tennis elbow. 

Tennis elbow is an inflammation of the tendon tissue as it attaches on the side of the elbow. (If you are seated and turn your hand palm up, it's the same side your thumb is on.) This tendon is attached to the muscles that straighten your fingers and extend your wrist. 

Many times tennis elbow is brought on from overuse, and relative rest from aggravating activities will allow this to heal. A very helpful tip: Carry things with your palm facing up, this will engage the other side of your forearm and allow the painful part of the elbow to rest.

If the pain is persistent for longer than two to three weeks, you may benefit from meeting with a sports medicine doctor who can make sure there isn't something else going on, and may be able to direct you to further treatment options, including bracing, medication, physical therapy, injection therapy and, rarely, surgery. 

You and your doctor can discuss which treatment would be best for you.

Treatments we offer for tennis elbow at McConnell Spine, Sport & Joint Physicians:

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