For People Suffering From Chronic Tendon Pain

Currently, more than 10 million people in this country suffer from chronic tendon pain, which, beyond the pain itself, limits their range of motion and prevents them from enjoying their active lives. Common treatment options include rest, stretching and ice as a first treatment. Physical therapy is then often ordered to help improve range of motion and strength. Steroid injections are often used but are increasingly controversial. Finally, an open surgical procedure can be performed to remove the damaged tissue. This procedure is often helpful, but can result in a lengthy recovery time with prolonged restricted activity.

Dr. Joseph J. Ruane, Medical Director of McConnell Spine, Sport & Joint Physicians is the first specially trained doctor in this area to offer an advanced treatment option for tendon injuries — called the Tenex Health TX System. “I am very pleased with the results I am seeing in my patients who have been treated with Tenex Health TX,” says Dr. Ruane. “They are experiencing excellent pain relief and a quick recovery. This new option helps removes the source of tendon pain with less time off than traditional surgery, and very little discomfort to the patient.”

Learn more about this (PDF), including "What Causes Tendon Pain?" and "What can I expect during the Tenex Health TX procedure?"