Peggy's Path is a nature preserve with a walking path in a beautiful wooded area directly behind the McConnell Center. It's a perfect place for a relaxing walk or a vigorous run in the great outdoors.  It's also a great place to sit quietly on a bench and experience the sights and sounds of nature.
Peggy's Path is named after Peggy McConnell, wife of John H. McConnell, whose generosity made the Mcconnell Heart Health Center possible.

Here is map of the path if you'd like to take a stroll.

The McConnell Heart Health Center exists as a result of the special love that Peggy and John McConnell shared. Without that commitment to one another, coupled with their commitment to the people of central Ohio, this important facility would not exist.

The legacy of Peggy's Path passes next to and through the Peggy McConnell Memorial Garden, which celebrates Peggy's life and the devotion of the McConnell family to the heart health of Ohio.

Two separate garden spaces comprise the memorial, each partially enclosed by two tall sweeping hedges, both punctuated by a large oak shade tree and unified by Peggy's Path, signifying the special relationship between the McConnell's. Indeed, the configuration of this site plan came from the manipulation of the letters "P" and "J". It is this symbology of their relationship that will remain special and private for the McConnell family.

Peggy's work is continued in her absence through the motivational messages displayed on the stone walls surrounding each of the gardens, signaling to each of the visitors along the path to stay the course towards a stronger heart.