Nancy Heber

Nancy Heber's journey with the McConnell Heart Health Center began in 2004 when her son needed open heart surgery for his thoracic aorta aneurysm. It was recommended for him to come to MHHC for cardiac rehab. Her son's experience was very positive, and they were impressed with what McConnell had to offer. 

Nancy and her husband were told that her son's type of aneurysm tends to be genetic. Therefore, they took the proper steps and had the family screened. It turned out that Nancy's husband, Bob, had the same aneurysm and had his operation a few months later. Due to his son's experience at McConnell, Bob also decided to come here for his cardiac rehab. 

Not long after their surgeries, it was Nancy who developed a heart condition that involved the electrical activity of her heart.  She needed a pacemaker and less than two years later needed a pacemaker/defibrillator. It was her cardiologists who told her the device can only do so much and she needed to "do [her] part….and that is to exercise," said Nancy.

You can probably guess where they chose to exercise…..yes, McConnell! These experiences influenced them to join the McConnell Heart Health Center as a family to ensure they would be in "good hands" as they continued their journey "to change their lives in a proactive way," as Nancy stated.  

Nancy has continued her membership here despite her husband's passing and has been a member since 2005.  In conclusion, Nancy summed up her experience at McConnell by saying this: "Has McConnell changed my life?  You bet!  It has kept me alive so I can do those things I so enjoy…."