Carol Kane

Carol Kane joined the McConnell Heart Health Center 10 years ago. She noticed as she had grown older her balance was not what it used to be. She no longer felt safe in her body because it wasn’t “strong like before.” She was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic, which scared her. Carol has always been active in sports and has a background that includes the U.S. Navy. She knew she couldn’t be who she was at 19, but she was convinced she could improve her current health and wellness profile.

After attending many gyms over the years, she never found a friendlier place than the McConnell Center. She was attracted to the friendliness of the staff and their willingness to help. Since joining McConnell, Carol has used both the pool and the fitness floor regularly. She has also worked with an exercise physiologist for personal training and has utilized the instruction on how to vary up her workouts and utilize the equipment in ways she never did before. She highly commends the pool staff for helping to keep her workouts fun and motivating.

As a result of her efforts, Carol has seen a significant improvement in her diabetic status and has grown much stronger since becoming consistent with her workout routine.

To help with motivation, Carol recommends hiring a personal trainer or swim instructor. She recommends trying things you have never tried before and things that challenge you. Stretch your expectations of yourself and redefine who you are versus who you want to be.