Steve Hebenstreit

Steve Hebenstreit has been a member since 2002 at the McConnell Heart Health Center, and it has had a positive influence on his lifestyle ever since.  In 2002 Steve survived both cancer and a heart attack in the same year.  Looking at those two events, he realized it was time to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle.  Once that decision was made, Steve never looked back. 

Steve started in cardiac rehab at McConnell and then joined the Center along with his wife, Sharon.  They also decided to join a walking group called Buckeye Striders.  He now completes twelve to fifteen races each year with half of them being half marathons.  He was determined to compete in the Columbus Marathon after he started at McConnell, and he accomplished that feat!  He also recently was the overall winner of the walking division at our McConnell Fun Run and Walk last year!  Steve likes to use the weight machines three days per week in addition to his walking.  If the weather is unforgiving outside Steve can be seen walking countless laps on the track.  Steve and his wife have been so dedicated to McConnell that they have been making the trip from West Jefferson and have referred several of their walking group members to join. 

Before joining McConnell, Steve did not have a structured exercise program and had never considered himself an athlete.  He would sometimes ride a bike or walk up flights of stairs to his office, but now Steve exercises regularly.  As a result of his regular exercise, Steve is now in great shape and can consider himself an athlete.  He recently had a stress test done at Riverside Hospital and was told that all indications are that he is entirely heart-healthy and rarely anyone half his age could last as long on the treadmill.  

Steve has remained active since 2002 and recommends to anyone struggling to get to the gym to join a group, or participate in group classes to stay motivated.  He feels that when you exercise as part of a group, then you’re motivated to keep up with the rest of the group — and when you feel discouraged, then other members can lift you up.