Mike Ochab

“In 2003 I had a viral infection to my heart. It turned out to be minimal, but it scared me and motivated me to change my life and work out.”

Mike originally joined McConnell in 2004 with the main goals to lose weight and exercise regularly. When Mike was younger, he was always playing sports year round. His parents were very active and worked hard, as did Mike.  But the past years he had struggled with his weight and lifestyle. It was time to do something about it.

The availability of McConnell, both time and proximity to his home, has been his biggest motivation for coming to exercise. On most weeks, you will see Mike here six to seven days exercising for two plus hours a day. Through a gradual process, Mike has lost more than 50 pounds during the past year. He feels better, sleeps better and eats heathier!

Mike’s advice: ”Set aside a time to exercise and stick to it. Also, eat less and a healthier diet. Get plenty of rest and take advantage of all McConnell has to offer.”

Great job Mike!  Keep up the good work!!