Helen Morrison

Helen Morrison joined McConnell Heart Health Center last July 2014. She was motivated to join the facility after finding out she had abnormally high liver enzymes and an elevated A1C. 

Helen has always lead an active lifestyle, but once she turned 50 she started struggling with her weight. Her husband and three children were a motivation to help change her lifestyle. She became fearful that her health would start to impact her daily life. 

After joining McConnell, Helen decided to seek personal training to assist with her lifestyle changes. Helen does cardiovascular exercise 5 times a week for 45 minutes and strength training 3 times a week. She states that it is not always easy, but it has to become a priority. 

Since working with her trainer the last 6 months, she has significantly improved the quality of her life. Her liver enzymes and A1C have dramatically improved. She states she feels more confident and feels stronger. Helen says that she knows she has to continue exercising and eating healthy, so she can continuing doing the things she loves. Her best advice for someone who is trying to change their lifestyle is schedule your sessions as an appointment and make the commitment to yourself!