We strive to create a partnership with primary care and specialty physicians in patient healthcare.

Our programs and services are designed to compliment the care you provide by offering health services that may be difficult to offer in the typical physician practice setting.

Our commitment to you

We work with you to improve your patients' health. We provide the necessary education, skills, and feedback to help your patients achieve their personal goals and take charge of their physical well-being.

We are committed to providing ongoing communication with you-from the patient's initial assessment through all necessary phases of treatment-to assure seamless care and service.

How to refer a patient

  • Call (614) 566.5356

For more contact numbers, consult our directory.

What we offer

Our goal is to serve as a community and physician resource for health improvement.

  • We offer a unique mix of fitness, medical and wellness services.
  • We combine traditional medical services with prevention, disease management, rehabilitation, health education and lifestyle counseling.

Our beautiful facility features credentialed and experienced fitness and health care professionals, spacious exercise areas, state-of-the-art equipment, and a wide variety of programs and services from prevention to rehabilitation in the areas of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disease.