Cardiac rehabilitation is an important step in resuming a full and active lifestyle for people with heart disease, angina or who have had a heart attack or coronary bypass.

McConnell Cardiac Rehabilitation services are offered at McConnell Heart Health Center, OhioHealth Doctors Hospital, OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital and our Westerville Medical Campus.

Your physician referral

Admission to a cardiac rehabilitation program is by your physician's referral and, in many cases, is covered by insurance. Before you begin our program, we will verify whether you have coverage for cardiac rehabilitation and share this information with you.

Cardiac rehab preview

You are invited to attend the McConnell Heart Health Center Cardiac Rehabilitation Preview. Each Wednesday from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. you can meet the staff, learn about cardiac rehab and take a tour of the facility. No registration is required. An information hotline is also available. Call (614) 566-3881.

Your personalized plan

As the first step, health professionals will work with you to evaluate your cardiac risk factors and your current health and lifestyle habits. Based on this evaluation, a plan will be developed to assist you in managing your risk factors and improving your health.

During your rehabilitation, you will be under the care of a team of health professionals including physicians, nurses, exercise physiologists, registered dietitians, and a stress management specialist.

A team of health professionals will work with you to understand and practice a safe and effective health plan. We encourage family involvement and spouses may participate in most educational programs at no additional charge.

Your rehabilitation plan will include

  • Supervised and structured exercise
  • Stress management
  • Heart-healthy eating
  • Health responsibility
  • LIfestyle behavior change

If needed, a plan will be designed to help you

  • Manage blood pressure
  • Manage cholesterol
  • Control diabetes
  • Stop smoking

After you have completed the rehabilitation phase, you will be re-evaluated to measure your progress and update your treatment plan. Your doctor will receive a written report summarizing your progress.

How to enroll

You can call (614) 566-4519 now, or learn more about how to enroll.