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At OhioHealth, we offer many options to help provide comfort pain during labor and delivery. Whether you choose unmedicated techniques, medicated pain relief or a combination of the two, our trained staff will support you throughout your birthing experience. Your physician will help you decide which options are best for you.

Unmedicated Comfort Options

A variety of unmedicated techniques can bring you comfort from pain during labor, such as the birthing ball, walking, touch and massage and "sweet socks." Read about these and other unmedicated comfort options for pain during labor.

Pain Relief Medications

OhioHealth offers a variety of medications to reduce pain during labor and delivery. Together, you and your doctor determine if medication is the right option for you. Read about pain relief medications during labor and delivery at OhioHealth hospitals.

Learn more about your options

For more information about pain relief and comfort options during labor and delivery at OhioHealth hospitals, talk with your doctor and enroll in OhioHealth's childbirth classes.