With heritage rooted in the United Methodist Church, OhioHealth and OhioHealth Marion General Hospital recognize we are part of a larger faith community. When you turn to us for your healthcare needs, we also provide for your emotional and spiritual needs, regardless of your faith tradition.

Our Pastoral Care chaplains are present day and night in our hospitals to give you and your loved ones the spiritual comfort and support you may seek. A meditation room is available for patients and families on the second floor between the surgery waiting area and the intensive care unit.

To reach Pastoral Care at Marion General, ask your nurse, or call the hospital operator at (740) 383-8400 (or "0" in house) and ask for the chaplain on call.

It is not uncommon to experience a great many feelings when faced with a hospital stay. Fear about an undetermined diagnosis or anxiety about the outcome of pending surgery are universal. You may feel terribly alone as you are “pulled” from the warmth and security of your home. It is sometimes during times of illness when it seems as if you and God are millions of miles apart. You may even find yourself questioning the ways of God, wondering “Why would God let this happen to me?”

When struggling with such feelings, it is comforting to know that you’re not facing life by yourself.

Spiritual Support Is Available
In the midst of this mixture of feelings, you may find healing through the visits of a chaplain. A chaplain can be there to:

  • Comfort and show concern
  • Listen carefully
  • Be still with you
  • Interpret faith
  • Offer prayer

A chaplain represents the presence of The Loving Creator. A chaplain helps people realize that they are not alone, that God is with them. Often people experience strengthening, renewal, self-understanding and deepening of their spirituality through visits with a chaplain.

Visiting with the Chaplain
Our spiritual wellness is an essential element in our health as women and men. Knowing that all people are complex and wondrous beings, medically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, Marion General keeps at the center of its life a full-time chaplain.

A chaplain is available seven days/week, 24 hours/ day and can be reached at any time through the hospital switchboard at (740) 383-8400. When the hospital chaplain is away or unavailable, an on-call chaplain can be with you during an emergency. These on-call chaplains are all clergy from the Marion County vicinity.

If you seek Roman Catholic clergy support, we urge you to contact St. Mary’s Church in Marion directly (740-382-2118). If you are from any other faith tradition or spiritual family and you desire pastoral care, the hospital chaplain will help you contact a clergy leader from your faith.

Questions You Might Have
Q: Is there a specific place within the hospital for prayer, meditation, reflection and quiet?
A: Yes. A large atrium for quiet and prayer is on the second floor, intentionally located between the intensive care unit and surgery waiting room. It is open to all, 24 hours/day. Quiet rooms and private family rooms are also located in the emergency department and throughout the rest of the hospital.

Q: If a member of my family is rushed to the hospital emergency department, and I want spiritual support, what do I do?
A: If you have your own pastor, either call him/her yourself or have the nursing staff do it for you. If you want pastoral support and do not have a pastor, ask the caregiver to contact the chaplain on call.

Q: If I have been a patient at Marion General before and the chaplain has visited, will the chaplain know that I am in the hospital on subsequent visits and visit with me?
A: Not necessarily. Although the chaplain reviews the hospital patient list almost daily, the best thing to do is to ask your caregiver to notify the chaplain if you desire a visit.

Q: As a patient, how can I participate in my own pastoral care?
A: When being admitted or registered, please provide us with the name of your clergy leader, as well as the name of your church or religious preference. A hospital volunteer attempts to contact our new patients each weekday to obtain information about desired clergy/chaplain visits. Or you can always tell your caregiver, and she/he will notify the hospital chaplain.

To learn more about our pastoral services, please call Marion General's Chaplain, Rev. Daniel Kiger at (740) 383-8683.