The focus for Medical Massage Therapy is on touch and relaxation, a form of therapy that just about every patient can benefit from.

It is a therapy that uses a gentle application of systematic touch, focusing on specific areas of the body, or the whole body, for the purpose of promoting healing and relaxation.

Purpose and Benefits

The goal of medical massage therapy is to:

  • promote deep relaxation and stress reduction
  • relieve muscle tension and stiffness in joints
  • relieve headache pain and tension
  • relieve acute or chronic pain and
  • strengthen the immune system

It also helps to increase the circulation of blood and lymph and promotes easier breathing with increased oxygenation and decreased heart rate.

The overall effect is the promotion of the feeling of safety, comfort and well-being, as well as the reduction of anxiety and depression.

More Information

A physician referral is required to participate in OhioHealth Marion General Hospital'’s medical massage program. For more information about Medical Massage Therapy at Marion General, please call (740) 375-1951.