For patients suffering from chronic knee pain caused by osteoarthritis

Orthopedic experts at OhioHealth's Bone and Joint Center at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center are treating adults with early to mid-stage osteoarthritis — which has not yet affected the entire knee joint — with a new, innovative custom partial knee procedure using highly advanced robotic-assisted technology.

The procedure, known as MAKOplasty® partial knee resurfacing, makes surgery a more palatable option for patients who have been reluctant to pursue traditional knee surgeries that often require months of recovery. It's a less invasive treatment option than total knee replacement and allows surgeons to treat knee osteoarthritis at earlier stages.

MAKOplasty uses 3D computer mapping and an interactive robotic arm system to resurface the diseased portion of the knee and replace it with an artificial implant.

"The technology allows us to position the implant components much more accurately than conventional surgery and preserve more of the natural knee structure," said Grant orthopedic surgeon Robert E. Bartley III, MD. "The ability of the robot to help us prepare the bone surface and precisely place and align the implant enables patients to experience a more natural knee movement after surgery."

The implant restores only the damaged part of the knee, without disturbing healthy tissue. It creates a smaller incision, removes less bone, loses less blood and requires only moderate physical therapy.

The MAKO system can be used to treat osteoarthritis on two parts of the knee: the medial (inner) portion and the patellofemoral (front) portion, or both.

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Patient Benefits

In most cases, patients will walk the day of surgery shortly after completion of the procedure, and will have very short hospital stays; they will be able to drive a car within 10-14 days and return to normal activities shortly thereafter.

  • Shorter hospital stay with quicker recovery and less pain
  • More natural feeling knee
  • Less scarring and the preservation of healthy bone and tissue

Who to Contact

Surgeons fully credentialed to use the MAKOplastyTM surgical system for robotic surgery: