WorkHealth Mansfield

As a hospital-based, occupational health clinic in Mansfield, Ohio, we provide access to specialists, when needed.

Through our network of WorkHealth clinicsUrgent Care centers and Emergency Departments, we provide timely, convenient access to treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Occupational Health Services at WorkHealth Mansfield

WorkHealth Mansfield offers employees cost-effective regulatory physical exams as well as work-related injury care.

It promotes occupational health and safety services to help employees return to work in a timely fashion, steering them to the proper level of medical care and minimizing more expensive emergency department or urgent care visits.

  • At WorkHealth Mansfield, the injured associate is provided an informational packet that explains the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation process and how their work injury will be managed upon their initial visit.
  • Upon initial treatment, the OhioHealth WorkHealth  care provider calls to:
    • Explain the diagnosis
    • Discuss transitional work options in order to keep the injured employee at work
    • Explain necessary follow-up
    • Answer any questions about the claim
  • Each OhioHealth WorkHealth Clinic has a dedicated occupational health assistant who works one-on-one with the injured employee, explaining work restrictions, obtaining treatment approvals and communicating with the employer, the employer's managed care organization and/or third party administrator.

Accepted Insurance

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