Community Health Needs Assessment for Dublin Methodist

Assessment of Franklin County's Health Needs

OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital is pleased to have participated in the development of and now adopt the Franklin County HealthMap 2016 as its Community Health Needs Assessment. From having participated in the creation of this document, we are confident it presents an excellent summary of the health needs of the community we serve.

Dublin Methodist is committed to improving the health of those we serve, which is why we are passionate about meeting the needs within the community. Dublin Methodist has developed implementation strategies to meet the needs identified in the Community Health Needs Assessment. OhioHealth and Dublin Methodist will continue to provide substantial community benefit by improving quality of care, increasing access to care and enhancing healthcare services to our community, patients and their families. We look forward to working with community partners to address these needs.

2019 Dublin Methodist Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF)

2016 Dublin Methodist Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF)

2013 Dublin Methodist Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF)

Contact Information

For more information about Dublin Methodist and this report, please contact Shawna Bosse Davis, System Vice President of Community and Government Relations for OhioHealth at (614) 544-4423,

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Community Served by Dublin Methodist

OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital is located at 7500 Hospital Drive, Dublin, Ohio 43016. In developing this Community Health Needs Assessment, we identified the “community served” by Dublin Methodist as the residents of Franklin County. View the zip codes and communities considered within Franklin County.

We believe that defining the community we serve in this way is supported by where our patients reside. The Ohio Department of Health requires each hospital that is registered in Ohio to file an Annual Hospital Registration and Planning Report by March 1 of each calendar year. A review of the patient origin data from the Annual Hospital Registration and Planning Reports for Dublin Methodist for 2011 supports the definition of the “community served” as being the residents of Franklin County, Ohio. For 2011, 64.61 percent of all hospital admissions reside in Franklin County at the time of admission.

Community Input

Community input for this report was provided through a series of meetings with community representatives on the Franklin County Community Health Needs Assessment Steering Committee, led by the Central Ohio Hospital Council, during the 22 month project timeframe beginning in March of 2011. The members of the Steering Committee are listed in the HealthMap 2016 report. Individuals representing the broad interests of the community served by our Hospital participated on the Franklin County CHNA Steering Committee.

It was also important to us that individuals with special expertise in public health participate. Among those who participated as members of the Steering Committee were:

Kathy Cowen, Director, Office of Epidemiology, Columbus Public Health: Ms. Cowen works with local public health organizations, physicians, health agencies, educators and hospital administrators to inform of health statistics and explore ways to reverse alarming trends.

Michelle Groux, Epidemiologist, Columbus Public Health: Since 2000, responsibilities include: Analyze epidemiological data and disseminate information to the public, federal, state, and local agencies. Investigate epidemic situations of infectious or chronic diseases and related environmental health problems.

Beth Pierson, Epidemiologist, Planning and Assessment, Franklin County Public Health: Since 2007, Ms. Pierson has been and epidemiologist for planning and assessment and is certified in Public Health.

Joanne Pearsol, Associate Director, Center for Public Health Practice, The Ohio State University College of Public Health: Since 2000, Ms. Pearsol has played an integral role in the creation and strategic direction of Center for Public Health Practice, designing and facilitation training programs that serve the needs of the public health workforce and spearheading fee-for-service support in areas of workforce and organizational development in Ohio. From 1993 – 2000, Ms. Pearsol was a Health Education Consultant with the Ohio Department of Health where she administered state funded programming serving 27 counties and oversaw the resource center for health education and promotion in communities, schools, and work sites.