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Our Home Health and Hospice Services

Experts at OhioHealth Home Care in Athens work together to provide the services you need.

Our home health and hospice services in Athens, Ohio, are for individuals with short-term, acute care needs. Their care requires the assistance of a nurse, rehabilitation therapist or other healthcare professional to help restore their former level of independence.

Home Health Care Services

Our Home Health services include, but are not limited to:

Nursing Care

A complete range of nursing services is provided by licensed practical nurses (LPNs) – who provide basic nursing care and comfort – and registered nurses (RNs) – who administer medication and treatments, and provide other advanced patient care.

Intravenous (IV) Therapy

The instruction and support you need to undergo several types of IV therapy at home, including antibiotic, pain management, hydration, total parental nutrition and chemotherapy.

Wound Care Therapy

Nursing care implementing the most up-to-date products and trends to facilitate prompt, complication-free wound healing.

Physical Therapy

The therapy and skills you need to regain function, achieve pain relief and prevent disability.

Occupational Therapy

Help for the recovery of daily living skills.

Lymphedema Therapy

Exercise, massage and pressure techniques to reduce the swelling and control the pain of lymphatic obstruction.

Speech Therapy

Help for recovering or developing communication skills, as well as such functions as the ability to eat.

Home Health Nutrition Services

Includes nutritional screening and education for you and your family on your nutritional needs.

Social Services

Provides emotional support and help in obtaining needed community and financial resources.

Hospice Care Services

Hospice services help individuals and their loved ones as they cope with a terminal illness. The focus of hospice care is comfort and management of pain and symptoms. We help people achieve a better quality of life and give them a chance to make the most of the time that remains.

This specialized care makes it possible for people to remain in the comfort of their own home.

Hospice services include:

Bereavement Care

Available to caregivers for 13 months after an individual’s death to help with healing and the grieving process.

Hospice Music Program

Employs music’s powerful influence on the mind, body and soul to ease physical pain and other symptoms, as well as mental and spiritual distress.

Medications and Equipment

We provide these and other care needs associated with terminal illness.

Additional Services

We’ll work with a physician and others on the care team to arrange other services, such as pastoral care and physical, speech, occupational or nutritional therapies.