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  • To receive physical rehabilitation for my work injury
  • To work with my team to develop my program and discuss my progress
  • To have a team that listens to my concerns about returning safely to my job

Through a comprehensive multidisciplinary, CARF-accredited (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) rehabilitation program, we partner with healthcare providers and employers to help injured workers:

  • Return to their maximum level of physical performance
  • Minimize the risk of re-injury
  • Return to work or function with minimal time lost
In conjunction with a workers medical team,  an Individualized Rehabilitation Program is created, consisting of::
  • Work Conditioning to address strength and endurance
  • Work Hardening to help improve work specific capabilities and tolerances
  • A Functional Capacity Evaluation to determine current work capacities and tolerances and make treatment recommendations
  • A Transitional Work program that modifies tasks at work to help a worker gradually return to full duty
  • An Ergonomic Assessment, if needed, to make recommendations for improving the safety of a work environment
  • Adjustment Counseling designed to improve an individual's behaviors as they relate to work
  • Vocational Rehabilitation offered at Grady Memorial Hospital that provides assessment and job placement assistance
Throughout the program, a Rehabilitation Case Manager will help coordinate recommended treatment and ensure desired outcomes.

Injury Prevention Programming

Employers may choose to offerthe followingInjury Prevention Programming to help workers prevent re-injury:

  • Education Programs
  • Fitness Assessment and Consultation
  • Group and Individualized Exercise Training
  • Pre-Work Screens
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