Radiation therapy programs use radiation to treat diseases that are usually cancer-related. Your doctor may request a consultation appointment for you at Hobbs Radiation Oncology Center to determine how you could benefit from radiation therapy as part of your overall cancer treatment plan.

Hobbs Radiation Oncology Center is one of only three hospital therapy programs in Columbus accredited by the American College of Radiology (Riverside Methodist Hospital and Grant Medical Center, both OhioHealth hospitals, are the other two). When you receive radiation therapy at Hobbs, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality cancer treatment.

Your radiation oncology team

At Hobbs, you have the full support of our team of highly skilled radiation oncology specialists. Radiation therapy programs include the following specialists:

Radiation Oncologist
The Radiation Oncologist is the physician who will oversee your radiation therapy treatments and work with the radiation therapy team to develop your treatment plan and ensure that each treatment is given accurately. The Radiation Oncologist also monitors your progress and adjusts your treatments as necessary to make sure the radiation is hitting its targeted tumor while minimizing side effects. At Hobbs, we offer the latest technologies to enable this care.

Medical Physicist
Medical physicists oversee the work of the dosimetrist to help ensure that treatments are properly tailored to each patient. They also collaborate with radiation oncologists to design treatment routines, take precise measurements of the radiation beam and monitor equipment and procedures to ensure that each patient receives the prescribed dose of radiation.

Medical Dosimetrist
Medical dosimetrists work very closely with the radiation oncologist and the medical physicist to carefully develop the treatment plan and calculate the exact dose of radiation specifically for each patient. They aim to effectively treat the tumor while sparing as much healthy tissue as possible.

Radiation Therapist
A radiation therapist is a specially licensed therapist who administers your daily radiation treatment under the doctor?s prescription and supervision. They also maintain daily records and regularly check the machines that provide radiation treatments.

Radiation oncologists at Hobbs Oncology Center

Thomas Anderson, DO - Medical Director
Constance Bauer, MD
Mark Becker, MD
Chuck C. Cho, MD

Step one: your consultation appointment

Your consultation appointment will take about an hour.

  • You will meet with a radiation therapist who will talk with you about your current and past medical history, review any medications you may be taking and answer your questions.
  • You will meet with a radiation oncologist who will do a physical exam, review your medical history, X-rays and test results and order any additional tests, if needed.
  • The radiation oncologist will then talk with you about how you could benefit from radiation therapy, explain the details of treatment and potential side effects and answer your questions.

Please bring these things with you to your consultation appointment:

  • X-rays, if you have had any taken at a facility that is not part of OhioHealth
  • List of your current medications, including the name of each drug and dose
  • Health insurance card or information
  • Advanced directive or medical power of attorney, if available

We encourage you to bring a family member or other support person with you to your consultation appointment.

Before you leave your consultation, you will be scheduled for your treatment planning session.

Step two: your treatment plan

If the radiation oncologist recommends radiation therapy treatment and you decide to go forward, you will have one or more appointments for treatment planning. The planning sessions, sometimes referred to as simulation, help the radiation oncology team determine the best set-up for the radiation beams ? to focus as much radiation as possible to the targeted area with as little as possible to the healthy tissues around it. Your planning session(s) will last approximately one hour.

Step three: beginning your treatment

Once the treatment planning is complete, you will return to Hobbs Radiation Oncology Center to begin your treatment. Although each treatment plan is unique to the patient, your treatments will usually take place Monday through Friday at the same appointment time each day. Our staff works hard to accommodate your schedule as you plan your daily treatments.

Directions and parking

5200 W. Broad St.
Columbus, Ohio 43228
Phone: (614) 544.1930
Fax: (614) 544.1928

From the North
Interstate 270 west to W. Broad Street (Route 40) Exit, turn right (west) on Broad Street.

From the South
Interstate 270 west to W. Broad Street (Route 40) Exit, turn left (west) on Broad Street.

From the East
Interstate 70 west through Columbus to Interstate 270 Cincinnati; to W. Broad Street (Route 40) Exit to hospital.

From the West
Interstate 70 east to Interstate 270 Cincinnati; to W. Broad Street (Route 40) Exit, turn right (west) on Broad Street.; or take Route 40 east toward Columbus.

For more information

For more information or questions about radiation therapy programsor appointments, call Hobbs Radiation Oncology at (614) 544.1930.

For complete and timely information about cancer or to learn about educational consultations, classes, support groups, or other services offered at Doctors Hospital, contact CancerCall at (614) 566.4321 or (800) 752.9119.