A technique perfected in the United Kingdom and Europe, Birmingham hip resurfacing is now being performed with amazing results at OhioHealth's Bone and Joint Center at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. Grant Medical Center received the honor of becoming a national training site where surgeons from all over the country will learn from our experts about hip resurfacing.

Features of Birmingham hip resurfacing include:

  • Benefits patients with hip arthritis who are too young and active for hip replacement
  • Maintains more of patient's anatomy
  • Conserves bone
  • No physical restrictions after surgery

Sharat Kusuma, MD, MBA, of Minimally Invasive Orthopedics, who practices at the Bone and Joint Center, calls Birmingham hip resurfacing a revolution in hip surgery:

"With hip resurfacing, we're maintaining more of the patient's natural anatomy. Instead of removing and replacing the end of the femur, we're just reshaping the end of the femur and capping it with a metal bearing that makes the joint move without pain."



If you are interested in Birmingham hip resurfacing, please contact Dr. Kusuma's office at (614) 566-8570 to find out if the procedure is right for you.

Patients must have good bone quality to be candidates for Birmingham hip resurfacing. The procedure also requires a larger incision and a longer recovery time than the minimally invasive hip replacements being performed today.

Hip resurfacing is much more technically demanding than a traditional hip replacement, and it's far more difficult to find a physician willing to do the procedure. The benefits for a young, active patient are worth it, though.

Unlike hip replacement patients, hip resurfacing patients can go back to their athletic lifestyles — with virtually no restrictions. Dr. Kusuma has seen patients in England return to long-distance cycling and running marathons.

"They had amazing results. I was just shocked at what I saw," he says. "Patients woke up most days and didn't realize they'd had surgery."

Please contact Minimally Invasive Orthopedics for more information at (614) 566-8570.