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Physician Jobs at OhioHealth

Where Physicians Want to Practice

For the 8th consecutive year, OhioHealth ranks in the top 10% of Press Ganey’s National Physician Large System average in the Hospital Experience Survey which measures physician engagement and alignment. 

A Wide Range of Opportunities

WE empower physicians’ careers with our size, scope, and resources.

Physicians at OhioHealth can pursue tracks that fit their careers and lifestyles. As a member of the OhioHealth Physicians Group (OPG), you can focus completely on your patients and allow the OhioHealth network to take care of the rest. Or maintain your individual practice, and our great resources and talent are there to support you.

You’ve probably heard about our state-of-the-art Neuroscience facility, that we have a top-ranked Level 1 Trauma Center, a Primary Stroke Center, or that we are Ohio’s first certified member of the MD Anderson Cancer Network®. All of these options and opportunities, alongside a myriad of benefits, mean physicians can come here to be a part of a healthcare leader that performs as a model of tomorrow’s patient care excellence…today.

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OhioHealth Physician Group

WE Make Practice Perfect

OhioHealth Physician Group (OPG) is a unique solution for career-minded physicians who want the full business support of a sophisticated health network.

OPG members in primary care and a host of other specialties are able to achieve a unique work/life balance, have access to best-in-class resources, and are able to exclusively focus on their practice and patients. Physicians shifting from private practice to OPG have the advantage of OhioHealth’s well-planned on-boarding and orientation programs.  We provide OPG members ongoing marketing services with the ultimate goal to help them continue to grow their practice.

Education and Growth Opportunity

WE Educate So You Can Innovate

We know that whether you’re a new grad or a seasoned physician, learning never stops. That’s why OhioHealth offers our partners the advantage of outstanding local externships and clinical rotation opportunities.  

We know growth isn’t limited to just education, so we rely on the voice and leadership of our physicians. We have Clinical Councils, a Physician Diversity Workforce Group, and the OhioHealth Physicians Leadership Institute to help you help you lead, grow and innovate in all facets of your career.

As a teaching institute, OhioHealth provides a myriad of opportunities in an array of specialties. It’s no surprise professionals travel from around the world to take advantage of training programs at our Center for Medical Education and Innovation (CME+I), where we share the latest insights into some of the world’s most important advances in healthcare technologies.

Working for the Best, With the Best

WE Work With the Best, to Be the Best

Your goal as a physician is to be the best, working with the best. At OhioHealth, you have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and provide patient care that is unparalleled in the healthcare field. You have access to the most advanced resources, such as robotic surgery, as well as the chance to spearhead breakthrough technologies and procedures. Our physicians are proud to be here, and we are proud of them – which means getting referrals for our outstanding physicians is both a focus and a success for us.

Most of all, you will be working collaboratively with associates whose passion and compassion for patient care matches your own, and goes beyond the standard of care. As an uncompromising professional, one can’t ask for more.

Benefits, Lifestyle, Culture

WE Want Your Life To Be Complete

We believe our compensation packages should reach the same level of excellence that we demand of our patient care, which is why we sit as a market leader for Physician compensation. We provide advanced level practitioners sign-on and referral bonuses, tuition forgiveness, and reimbursement for continuing education units (CEUs).

Flexibility is certainly a big part of the package. Our leadership seeks to provide you with these features and more — the kind of diverse working atmosphere that will meet and in more ways exceed your expectations. You want to do the best and be the best, where a sense of pride permeates every day and aspect of your work, and we support these goals.