OhioHealth Anticoagulation Clinics

Our Anticoagulation Clinics provide comprehensive patient management, monitoring and instruction related to anticoagulation therapy.

Outpatient anticoagulation programs provide more precise control of anticoagulation medications, which results in improved outcomes, with fewer problems from either inadequate or excessive anticoagulation.

Services offered at our Anticoagulation Clinics include:

  • Patient education on anticoagulation needs and goals
  • Clinical evaluation and anticoagulation assessment
  • Close patient monitoring and follow-up
  • Identification and resolution of therapy problems
  • Uniform quality of care

Our Anticoagulation Clinics are located throughout the region, including at the McConnell Heart Health Center, Westerville Medical Campus and OhioHealth hospitals. See the map below for a full list of locations and address information.

A physician referral is required. Talk with your physician about which facility might be most convenient for you.

The Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Lipid Clinic at McConnell Heart Health Center 

Our Lipid Clinic is setting new standards for care in treating patients with elevated blood lipids that have been resistant to standard therapy.

This clinic offers advanced testing and specialized treatment for high-risk patients, as well as those who have not responded to previous therapies or have experienced intolerable side effects from cholesterol-lowering medications. 

Read the list of services or call (614) 566-3830 for more information. 

OhioHealth Anticoagulation Clinics