OhioHealth can treat the most serious heart and vascular problems. We’d rather prevent them.

We are committed to helping you take steps towards heart disease prevention by managing or reducing risk factors and making lifestyle changes. We offer a broad array of programs to promote a heart-healthy life, including exercise and fitness, diet and nutrition, tobacco cessation and stress management.

Heart Health Programs

As part of our commitment to improving the health of our community, OhioHealth offers the Community Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program and the Executive Health & Wellness Program.

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Lifestyle Programs

You may not be able to control all risk factors for heart disease, but lifestyle modifications can have a very positive effect. OhioHealth offers comprehensive programs that target many ways to achieve better health.

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Exercise Programs

Exercise has a major impact on reducing several key risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease. The comprehensive exercise programs at Grant Health and Fitness Center and the McConnell Heart Health Center provide expert guidance and instruction located in first-class facilities.

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Diet and Nutrition Programs

Eating a heart-healthy diet and maintaining a heart-healthy weight are vital to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Our programs provide the support, education and guidance people need to help get healthy foods into their busy schedules, fine-tune eating habits and make exercise a regular part of their lives.

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