Our compassionate approach -- balanced with leading doctors and technology -- is redefining how our patients and their families think about cardiovascular care.

Structured for Success

Helping patients navigate the complex world of healthcare is at the heart of OhioHealth's newly launched Structural Heart Disease Patient Evaluation and Research Center.

The Center is designed to provide patients with valve disease and other structural heart defects one place to go to get the complex evaluation and care they need. Often, these patients have multiple issues, which used to mean they had to see different specialists.

By bringing all these specialties together under one roof, our physicians are able to work together to determine the best course of treatment. The Center will make care delivery faster and less complicated for our patients by offering them one place to go to get comprehensive, multidisciplinary care and access to clinical trials, testing the most cutting edge products and therapies.

The opening of the Center marks the beginning of a new trial conducted at Riverside Methodist Hospital, facilitated by the OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute (OHRI). The Medtronic CoreValve System® trial is evaluating a non-surgical procedure for a common heart condition called severe aorti stenosis.

Saving Muscle with Extraordinary Door to Balloon Times

Riverside Methodist has dramatically reduced the time it takes to get patients with ST-elevated myocardial infarction (STEMI) from the emergency room to the cardiac catheterization lab. Since initiating a STEMI Alert system, our average door-to-balloon time has dropped from 72 minutes, a response time that very few hospitals in the nation have achieved.

Key to the success of Riverside Methodist's STEMI Alert system is having an interventional cardiology team onsite 24/7, a practice unique in Ohio.

OhioHealth Physicians Provide Some of the Nation's Best Vascular Care

They do more vascular procedures and vascular surgeries than all other adult hospitals in central Ohio. The vascular specialists are paving new ground in total vascular care. From education to prevention to treatment to rehabilitation, no one in central Ohio cares for more vascular patients or cares for them better than the experts at OhioHealth.

Pioneering Evidence-Based Preventive Cardiology

At the McConnell Heart Health Center, we take an integrated approach to the prevention and treatment of heart disease. Our studies in preventive cardiology have been widely published, which is why Yale University School of Medicine selected McConnell Heart Health Center to be its co-participant in studying the impact of gender and psychosocial factors in cardiovascular disease. This research is providing knowledge to improve cardiovascular care for patients, and we already are addressing our findings in the McConnell Heart Hospital at Riverside.