Hardin Memorial is pleased to announce the expansion and update of its Emergency Department. Pictured below is an artist's rendering of the south side of Hardin Memorial. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2015.

 Construction Project 2015

The exam room capacity will expand from seven to nine rooms and will accommodate our patients with privacy and extra space for loved ones to be involved with the patient's care. Rooms have been designed to also be used for dedicated treatments. The entire area will be better configured to provide the best possible care to the residents of Hardin County.

Outside will feature an improved parking area that will provide better access to the facility including a paved, well-lit parking lot. Separate entrances will be available to serve medical ambulances and patients who are ambulatory.

Emergency Department staff will have technology available to them at the bedside and workflow will be improved to better focus on the patient.The work space will be enhanced by bringing the staff closer to the patients via work areas right outside the patient rooms. This will improve the communication between the staff, patients and their loved ones.

The project will be completed in two phases. The first phase will result in a new 5,000 square foot addition, which will give the outside of the facility a whole new look. The second phase of the project will consist of renovating the existing Emergency Department.