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Hand And Microsurgery Services

OhioHealth provides specialized treatment for patients with hand and upper extremity injuries and conditions, including re-attachments of severed limbs after accidents. Our comprehensive care and individualized treatment plans are designed to achieve the best possible results for every patient.

  • We are a national leader in hand and microsurgery services for everything from basic fractures to severed limbs.
  • Riverside Methodist's nationally known hand specialists treat patients from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia.
  • Because injuries happen at all times, day and night, our hand surgeons are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (614) 262-HAND (4263). 

Conditions We Treat

Acute Trauma

  • Fracture of the upper extremity
  • Crash injuries of the upper extremity
  • Ligament and tendon tears
  • Complete and partial amputations
  • Amputation reconstruction for hand, wrist, elbow and arm
  • Replantation, the surgical reattachment of a finger, hand, or arm

Arthritis Conditions

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Any inflammatory arthritis

Congenital Conditions

  • Webbed fingers
  • Deformed digits
  • Extra digits
  • Missing digits

Nerve Disorders

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Laceration of nerves in the extremities

Additional Conditions/Injuries

  • Complex open wound repair
  • Tendonitis (tennis elbow and golfer's elbow)
  • Ischemia of fingers

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Our Patients

We treat patients not only in central Ohio, but also those who travel to OhioHealth from across the Midwest. Our patients include those who've suffered industrial injuries, and our care continues after treatment to help these patients return to work. We also assist employers with back-to-work plans and making appropriate job accommodations for the returning worker.

What to Expect

You meet with our surgeons or hand specialists in their offices for your diagnosis and treatment plan. If surgery is needed, your procedure is performed at Riverside Methodist Hospital, where you are cared for by nurses who specialize in microsurgery.

After surgery, you and your family meet with your surgeon and a certified hand therapist to develop and implement a personalized treatment plan designed to help you heal and restore function.

Specialized hand therapy begins within days of your injury or surgery. Once you are discharged from the hospital, you'll have follow-up care with your surgeon and your hand therapist.

What our patients say matters most...

Riverside Methodist Hospital's Dr. Lubbers reattached Pat Marvin's severed hand.  Watch the video below to see her story.