Grant offers a variety of support services to help ease your tension, stress and anxiety, to decrease your pain and pain medication use, to strengthen your immune system and to promote a quicker recovery.  

Healing Touch
Trained clinicians place their hands above you, or lightly touch you, to produce a sense of calm. This therapy may help strengthen the connection among your mind, body and spirit.

Calming music
Available 24 hours a day, channels 22 and 23 on your TV offer calming music and soothing visuals to help you relax.

With your doctor's permission, you may get a gentle relaxing massage to ease muscle tension.

Guided Imagery
Stories and calming music help the mind and body relax, heal and reduce symptoms.

Alone or with family and friends, participate in a form of personal and physical expression to reduce stress, improve your mood and boost your immune system.

Dog Volunteers
With training and oversight from the Delta Society Pet Partner Program, Grant hosts Welcome Waggin' Dog Volunteers. Interactions with these special animals and their owners may help you feel comforted and relaxed.