Operator: (614) 566-9000
  For all general inquiries and connections to other departments

Customer Call Center: (614) 566-5594 or toll-free at 1-800-837-2455
  For questions about your bill 

Customer Service: (614) 566-9375
  To report unresolved concerns about your healthcare

Family Initiated Rapid Screen Team (FIRST): (614) 566-9000
  For fast-response care to your hospital room should a patient's condition change abruptly 

Infection Control Department: (614) 566-9127
  For questions about the spread of infection and isolation practices

Interpretive Services: (614) 566-3256 
  For language, hearing, seeing and other disability assistance

Medical Records Department: (614) 566-9320
  To request a copy of your medical records

OhioHealth Foundation: (614) 566-4483
  To make a gift to Grant through the OhioHealth Foundation

OhioHealth Price Line: (614) 566-8707
  For information about the cost of services 

Pastoral Care: (614) 566-9610
  For information about receiving spiritual support from a chaplain 
Patient Financial Services: (614) 566-8689
  For information about financial assistance for patients
Patient Information: (614) 566-9310 
  To get the room number and phone number of a patient

Protective Services: (614) 566-9300
  For security assistance and concerns

Registration & Admitting: (614) 566-9311
  For questions about registration, admission, and cost of services  

Valuables Security: (614) 566-9300 
  To lock up personal valuables or report items missing  

Volunteer Services: (614) 566-9399
  To learn how you can help as a volunteer at Grant