The Patient Advocate and Support Services (PASS) program at Grant is one of the best patient advocate groups in Ohio, providing cancer patients with a healthcare professional who will listen, provide support and make sure you receive the best possible care.

The PASS program provides you with a personal patient advocate who can:

  • Help you understand and guide you through the healthcare system
  • Help you find information and literature on your diagnosis and treatment
  • Assist you in scheduling and keeping track of your appointments
  • Help you complete insurance or medical forms
  • Find financial assistance programs when appropriate
  • Provide you with medical resources and local support groups
  • Help you get your questions answered

Our patient advocate program will help you by:

  • Providing you access to healthcare services, information and support
  • Reducing delayed and missed appointments
  • Creating a better overall healthcare experience

For more information or to meet with a patient advocate, please call (614) 566-PASS (7277)