• Qualified exercise physiologists and/or registered dieticians conduct all programming appointments. 
  • All evaluations and recommendations are based on American College of Sports Medicine standards, norms, and guidelines.
  • New clients need to complete a fitness consultation with program design prior to starting personal training.

Please call (614) 566-9880 for prices and more information.

Body Composition

7-site skin-fold caliper test, Body Mass Index, desirable weight range and body fat percentage will be discussed as well as exercise related changes to current daily routine.

Fitness Consultation and Program Design

Two sessions with an exercise physiologist includes discussion of health and exercise history and goals and introduction to your personalized exercise plan. Program can be designed for home or alternate facility use. This package is required prior to starting personal training.  Program designs can be purchased separately after the initial consult package is completed.

Personal Training and Partner Personal Training

Provides sessions, one-on-one or partner, with an Exercise Physiologist that help improve both your exercise capacity and muscular strength and endurance.  Includes assistance with individualized programs based on goals and needs, changing or evaluating current exercise routines, and monitoring proper technique.

Group Personal Training Class

Co-ed small group personal training session that incorporates strength, endurance and balance in a fun and motivating atmosphere.  10-week session: 1 day a week $150  |  2 days a week $300  |  3 days a week $450
Class meets for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Maximum of six participants.


Scheduled at your convenience, create-a-class allows you to gather your friends, family or colleagues and design your own small group personal training class to meet with a certified exercise physiologist once or twice a week for 10 sessions within a 10-week time frame. A minimum of four participants is required. Call (614) 566-9880 for more information. $150 per person.