The Health Risk Management program at the Grant Health and Fitness Center is a personalized, intensive, non-medical program to optimize and maintain your health.

This Health Risk Management program is designed for people with:

  • stable cardiovascular disease
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • high cholesterol
  • asthma or pulmonary conditions
  • arthritis or muscle and joint problems
  • peripheral vascular disease

In addition, this program could benefit someone:

  • beginning a physical activity program for the first time
  • desiring a structured, supervised and monitored program to help achieve optimal health
  • wanting easy access to assist in managing health conditions

The program begins with a Health and Risk Assessment that includes an exercise tolerance test (or stress test if required by your physician), a lipid profile, and a review of your medical history, your lifestyle behaviors and your physical condition.

Your health coordinator will work closely with you and your physician to manage your medical conditions while optimizing your health. A team of health professionals, including exercise physiologists, dieticians and nurses helps you meet your goals and evaluates your progress throughout the program.

Your health risk management program includes:

  • supervised and structured exercise
  • stress management
  • heart-healthy eating instruction
  • improving personal health responsibility

When needed, a plan will be designed with your physician to help you:

  • manage your blood pressure
  • manage your cholesterol
  • control diabetes
  • stop smoking
  • reduce weight

After completing the 90-day health risk management program, your health coordinator will measure your progress and send a written summary to your physician. Your health coordinator will also update your plan and help you choose a program that will best assist you in maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

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