Grady Memorial has been a part of the Delaware community since 1904, when penicillin and lasers were distant dreams. During the intervening century, modern medicine has seen amazing changes— and so has Grady Memorial.

The very first hospital building was funded from the estate of Jane M. Case. Prominent Delaware area citizens ensured that the hospital continued to survive during the depression. Funds raised in the late 1950s contributed to major hospital improvements.

Grady Memorial's name was established in 1972, with a $4 million legacy from the estate of Mary Grady. This generous bequest funded a 15,000 square foot addition and conversion from coal to gas heat. Her legacy also was used to purchase X-ray and other medical equipment.

More frequent additions and expansions through the eighties and nineties culminated in the largest outright gift ever granted to Grady Memorial: a $2 million commitment to develop Grady Memorial's cutting-edge emergency medical center. To pay tribute to the life of Midge Glendening and to the Grady Memorial staff members who cared for her shortly before her death, Midge Glendening's family helped to usher in a new era of sophisticated technology and services.

The involvement of the Delaware community in Grady Memorial's growth continues to be essential and will carry the hospital forward into the next century.

Gifts to the hospital play an increasingly important role in the health of the hospital and Grady Memorial is grateful for the continuing generosity of the community. To learn more about contributing to Grady Memorial, contact the Foundation Office at (740) 615-0520 or find out more by visiting the Grady Memorial Foundation.