Hospitals and Locations

The Grady Family Birthplace features state-of-the-art obstetric technology in the comfort and privacy of a home-like birthing suite.  From caring for you and your baby to one-on-one breastfeeding consultations, our staff is here to provide you with whatever assistance you require - because we know it's also the birth of a mom.

The Grady Family Birthplace offers board-certified obstetricians, pediatricians, anesthesiologists and highly-skilled nurses to provide exception obstetrical care for you and your baby. We're here to take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your personal preferences, answer your questions and help guide you through your labor and delivery. We will make every effort to honor your birth plan and follow your choices regarding comfort measures and labor techniques.

Arriving for Your Delivery
Grady Memorial provides free, convenient parking adjacent to the main entrance for all of our patients and visitors.  If you arrive in labor, please pull to the main entrance, and you will be assisted. Labor and Delivery is located on the fourth floor of the hospital and can be accessed by the main elevators.

If you arrive after regular business hours, please enter the hospital through the Emergency Department. You will be assisted to the fourth floor by the Emergency Department staff.  We encourage you to pre-register for your hospital stay to avoid registration paperwork when you arrive to deliver.

To schedule a maternity tour of the Grady Family Birthplace, please call (614) 4-HEALTH (443-2584).

Private Birthing Suites
Our private, home-like and spacious birthing suites are equipped with fetal monitoring technology and the latest in birthing comfort options.  Each room also includes a private bathroom and shower, a sleeping chair for your support person or visitors. A refrigerator and microwave are located nearby for families to use.
During labor and delivery, you are allowed two to three additional persons for support to be in the room with you. Family and friends are welcome to wait in the spacious Family Waiting Area just down the hall. Visitors can take turns visiting you in the labor and delivery room, provided there are no more than three people in the room with you at a time while you are in labor.

After delivery, you will be moved to a private post-delivery room. Each room is designed for your comfort and includes:

  • Comfortable sleeping accommodations for you and your partner
  • Private bathroom and shower
  • Rocking chair
  • Television
  • Telephone

Meeting Your Baby
When your baby arrives:

  • You may hold your baby moments after his or her birth
  • A nurse examines, weighs and measures your baby
  • Your baby is immediately returned to you to hold and feed
  • While you are moved to your post-partum room, your baby will have a complete assessment and bath

We Support the Bond Between Mother and Baby
At the Grady Family Birthplace, we understand that moms and babies bond instantly. We offer the following options to help you build that bond.

  • Transition Care - Your baby is assessed and bathed in your presence
  • Rooming In - Care for you and your baby is provided in your post-delivery room
  • Kangaroo Care - Your baby is placed directly on your bare chest for skin-to-skin contact
  • Newborn Feeding - We provide support whether you are breastfeeding, breast pumping or bottle feeding
  • Parental Coaching - We teach you about your newborn's behaviors and how to respond to their cues

Your Baby's Safety
Grady Memorial's state-of-the-art security system ensures your baby's safety. You will receive information explaining the system upon admission.

Friends and family are welcome in the Grady Family Birthplace at all times and can be limited based on your schedule and preferences.

Visitors may park in our free and convenient visitor parking lot located just in front of the hospital. The Information Desk will direct them to the mother's room when they arrive.

Leaving the Hospital
Your physician will determine when it is safe for you and your baby to leave the hospital. Procedures and other tasks that need to be completed before you go home are listed below.

  • Discharge teaching completed, including watching any videos or completing appropriate paperwork
  • Any follow-up appointments required by either your doctor or your baby's doctor scheduled
  • A final exam of you and your baby completed by the physician
  • Birth Certificate Packet and Social Security Care registration completed
  • All newborn screening tests completed
  • Any vaccines or procedures for baby (circumcision) completed, and baby is resting comfortably after recovery period
  • Baby pictures taken by hospital staff. You have the option to purchase photos and the option to consent to your baby's photo being posted on the Peekaboo Babies website. Please let your nurse know if your baby's photo has not been taken and you would like for it to be done.
  • Gift bag received.
  • Child Safety Seat confirmed by your nurse. The seat must be brought to the room.
  • Removal of baby's cord clamp and security device