Delaware County cancer patients have access to most of the advanced cancer treatment and prevention programs and clinical oncology research available. 

Leading edge treatment and prevention Grady Memorial is part of the Columbus Community Clinical Oncology Program, a clinical oncology research program established and funded by the National Cancer Institute. Participating in this consortium of 15 hospitals and 130 physicians gives Grady Memorial patients voluntary access to clinical trials of drugs or drug combinations not yet approved by the FDA.

Grady Memorial stays informed Grady Memorial doctors and other medical staff keep abreast of the latest developments in cancer research through monthly conferences that bring visiting and onsite cancer experts together to discuss recent developments. A hospital-wide committee meets to coordinate prevention, treatment, and community outreach efforts.

Support groups and education Cancer support groups and preventive health programs are available for patients and their families through the Grady Memorial Life Center. A support group for breast cancer survivors is held each month. It offers information, education and emotional support in a warm positive atmosphere. For more information call (740) 615-2403.

Advancing Care Each year, Grady Memorial submits outcomes reports to the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer highlighting the work we are doing to meet or exceed the standards it sets for cancer care. Read a study that exemplifies our efforts in 2012 to continuously improve the quality of care we provide to our cancer patients, their families and caregivers.