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Grant Health and Fitness Center is proud to offer a Medically Referred Exercise Program. Styled after the American College of Sports Medicine's national Exercise is MedicineTM initiative guidelines. Participants in the program will embark on a 60-day personalized exercise plan with the help of degreed exercise physiologists.  The Medically Referred Exercise Program reinforces routine exercise and healthy behaviors as a part of daily life and includes:

  • An initial consultation with a highly experienced exercise physiologist to discuss health history, health education and goal setting
  • Opportunities to attend weekly group training sessions with an exercise physiologist
  • Blood pressure and heart rate monitoring before and after exercise
  • Small-group wellness coaching sessions to assist with behavior change.
$60 Medically Referred Exercise Program

Interested participants should talk with their physician to complete an exercise referral form for admittance into the program.  

Contact (614) 566.9880 for more information.