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Our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Riverside Methodist Hospital is a specialized hospital setting designed to monitor brain activity and determine cause of recurrent unprovoked seizures.

In this specialized inpatient unit, we provide testing that will help your doctor decide:

  • If the spells you are having are seizures
  • How to best adjust your anti-epileptic medication regimen
  • If you are having more seizures than you realize
  • If you qualify for specialized surgical procedures designed to cure epilepsy altogether

If you do have seizures, the EEG testing can help determine the type of seizures you are having and the best treatment for you. You should plan to spend three to five days in the EMU. Your physician will determine how long your stay will be.

For detailed information about a stay at the OhioHealth Epilepsy Monitoring Unit download this PDF brochure.  It includes information about:

  • Before arriving at the hospital
  • Once at the hospital 
  • While you are in the EMU
  • What to bring checklist
  • EMU visiting hours

For more information, please talk to your physician or call the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at (614) 566-5270 with your questions.