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As the region’s largest healthcare provider, OhioHealth provides a continuum of care that includes valuable workplace healthcare solutions, starting with our 28,000 associates.

To better manage our healthcare as an employer and produce tangible health benefits, OhioHealth developed OhioHealthy, a comprehensive health and wellness program for our associates.

Our internal program, coupled with our external health outreach and initiatives such as OhioHealth Employer Services, have been offering coordinated workplace healthcare solutions since 1997. Right now, 3,000 employers — from the corporate boardroom to small businesses — are partnering with OhioHealth Employer Services for comprehensive programs and services and access to quality clinical care through our physicians.

OhioHealth Employer Services works with companies to deliver population management healthcare at work, focusing programs and services that address health risks of an employer’s population as a whole.

Businesses turn to OhioHealth Employer Services to:

  • Connect to our preventive screening and wellness programs
  • Access central Ohio’s largest system of physicians, hospitals and outpatient facilities
  • Improve employee health while managing costs

With OhioHealth Employer Services’ innovative, proactive solutions, employers gain the expertise of a trusted healthcare system while navigating the road to better employee health and productivity, ultimately lowering costs for all of us.

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