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When OhioHealth launched OhioHealthy six years ago, we wanted our innovative internal health and wellness program to help our 28,000 associates and their families adopt healthier habits, improve their quality of life and help all of us better manage healthcare costs.

Now, OhioHealth Employer Services offers customized, proactive healthcare solutions to employers of all sizes to meet employees’ healthcare needs — working with a single OhioHealth contact for assistance. OhioHealth Employer Services works with companies to deliver population management healthcare at work, focusing programs and services that address health risks of an employer’s population as a whole.

Central Ohio employers commonly ask about these programs and services:

Wellness Services Executive Health and Wellness
Exercise and Fitness Centers Grant Convenient Care Mammography Shuttle
OhioHealth Emergency and Trauma Care OhioHealth Mobile Mammography
OhioHealth Onsite Services OhioHealth Urgent Care
OhioHealth WorkHealth Primary Care Physician


Wellness Services

Wellness Services partners with employers to offer their employees complete health risk assessments and biometric screenings that address health concerns common to a working population. Wellness programs are customized for the employer to fit employees’ health needs and connect them to OhioHealth physicians and programming resources.

  • Wellness Services
    • Health Risk Assessment
    • Biometrics
    • Nurse Counseling for Associates
  • Vaccinations
  • Mobile Mammography
  • Fitness Programs
  • Screenings
    • Cardiovascular
    • Mammography
    • Bone Density
    • Skin Cancer
    • Sleep Apnea
    • Body Fat

Executive Health and Wellness

This innovative executive health program provides advanced, customized healthcare assessments, screenings and tests specifically designed for members of the executive community. As part of OhioHealth's ongoing commitment to improving the health of our community, the McConnell Executive Health and Wellness Program offers:

  • Access to experienced physicians and healthcare professionals
  • Comprehensive, single-day evaluation tailored for your specific health and wellness needs
  • Personalized physical exam and medical assessment
  • One-on-one physician appointments
  • Private executive suite
  • Confidential, detailed report of test results, complete with customized recommendations for future care

Exercise and Fitness Centers

The Grant Health and Fitness Center and the McConnell Heart Health Center are integrated fitness and clinical facilities open to the public and staffed with certified exercise physiologists, registered nurses and registered dietitians. A variety of fitness memberships as well as specialty programs are available to both members and non-members.

  • Spacious exercise areas
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Wide variety of exercise and education programs
  • Credentialed health and fitness professionals
  • Personalized other services, including swimming lessons, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, sports training and personal training

OhioHealth Emergency and Trauma Care

OhioHealth trauma services and centers are among the best in the state, staffed by a team of highly trained trauma healthcare professionals from wide-ranging medical specialties. Our trauma centers have the resources to address any traumatic injury, regardless of complexity or severity, extending from pre-hospital care through critical care to rehabilitation and re-entry into the community.

OhioHealth Mobile Mammography

OhioHealth’s mobile unit is the only one operating in central Ohio that offers both digital mammography and bone density testing. This mobile service has the same high quality, state-of-the-art imaging equipment and exemplary customer service that women find at all other OhioHealth locations.

Grant Convenient Care Mammography Shuttle

First launched in 2004, the Grant Convenient Care Mammography Shuttle offers women of participating employers in downtown Columbus the opportunity to schedule a screening mammogram over their lunch hour by phone or email. They are transported by shuttle from their workplace to the Breast Health Center at Grant for their appointment. In about an hour, they can expect:

  • Free, comfortable transportation at a pre-arranged time
  • Access to Grant Breast Health Center for a screening mammogram appointment
  • Snack and education
  • Nurse navigator
  • Transportation back to work

OhioHealth Onsite Services

Onsite Services are available to you right at your workplace. Whether it is performing annual OSHA mandated exams, providing drug screens quarterly or placing a clinician onsite every week, OhioHealth Onsite Services can help. Our onsite clinicians can provide occupational illness and injury care to your associates or have basic urgent care type services available to both your associates and their dependents. OhioHealth Onsite Services is a cost-effective, efficient healthcare solution that keeps employees at work, improves productivity and helps you better control your healthcare costs.

  • Connection to System of Physicians, Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities
    • Occupational Health
    • Urgent Care
    • Rehabilitation
    • Specialty Care
  • Screenings
    • Drug Screening
    • OSHA-Mandated Testing
    • Physical Exams
    • Agility Testing
    • Immunizations

OhioHealth Urgent Care

When care is required outside normal business hours, patients can visit one of OhioHealth’s convenient central Ohio urgent care centers or emergency departments around the Columbus region. OhioHealth has partnered with NextCare Urgent Care, a leader in the urgent care industry, in order to offer immediate medical care from a name you can trust. Each location is open for convenient walk-in medical care seven days a week with extended hours to treat any non-life threatening illness or injury that needs immediate attention.

OhioHealth WorkHealth

WorkHealth offers employers cost-effective regulatory physical exams as well as work-related injury care at five conveniently located OhioHealth clinic locations. It promotes occupational health and safety to help employees return to work in a timely fashion, steering them to the proper level of medical care and minimizing more expensive emergency department or urgent care visits.

Employers can send their employees for the following:

  • Injury Care
  • Access to a Certified Nurse Practitioner/Physician
  • Drug & Alcohol Services
  • OSHA Compliance Exams
  • Employment Physical Exams
  • Immunization Programs

Primary Care Physician

One of the most important healthcare resources employers can provide to their associates is access to primary care physicians. Developing a relationship with a primary care physician (PCP) is the first step in taking control of your best health. Yearly preventive checkups with a PCP can include early detection screenings that manage wellness and disease prevention. When you have a relationship with a PCP, you have a physician who monitors your health over time, treating immediate medical needs, providing tests and screenings and referring you to specialists.


The largest clinically integrated network in central Ohio. Health4 aligns incentives by integrating the network of physicians, hospitals and payers to make care more affordable for employers, governments, and patients and engaging everyone in those efforts.

Health4 is made up of OhioHealth facilities and a growing number of Medical Group of Ohio (MGO) physicians, approximately 2,000 strong, covering 34 counties in Ohio. Health4 is contracted with more commercial payers and employers than any other clinically integrated network in Ohio caring for over 160,000 people. Most importantly, we know the ultimate goal is higher quality of care, enhanced patient experiences, better health outcomes and reduced growth in health care spending.

To locate a Health4 physician and learn more about how Health4 can assist your organization go to the Health4 website.

OhioHealth Class Directory

Taking control of your health is one of the most important things you can do for your employees. OhioHealth can help you meet your health and wellness needs with a variety of classes and educational resources – from weight management to stress management, smoking cessation to diabetes management, exercise to nutrition and much more. Help your associates get on the road to better health and help them stay on track. Check out the complete listing of classes offered by OhioHealth at one of our locations or if you are interested in offering one of our classes at your worksite, contact an Employer Services Account Executive at (614) 544.4656 or [email protected]

Access to All OhioHealth Facilities

Access our complete list to assist your associates in finding all of OhioHealth’s facilities, from Hospital Emergency Departments, Health Centers, Imaging/Radiology Services, Mammography Centers, Outpatient Facilities and many more.

Additional Programs and Services

Access our complete menu of OhioHealth services.

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