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When someone you love is having a serious medical problem, you want to be sure he or she is getting the best care possible. So do we. That’s why OhioHealth has installed the eICU® system – technology that allows our ICU physicians and nurses to keep an even closer eye on patients and respond preemptively to the slightest changes in their condition.

With the help of the our eICU® team, our full-time ICU physicians and nurses are better able to detect changes in a patient’s status and take corrective action right away, before problems develop. In fact, studies have shown that this extra level of intensive care actually saves lives, reduces complications and helps patients recover faster.

OhioHealth Hospitals Using the eICU System
Riverside Methodist Hospital
Grant Medical Center
Doctors Hospital
Grady Memorial Hospital
Dublin Methodist Hospital

eICU® Monitors Patient Progress

Through a high-tech network, the eICU® system connects each patient’s room to a single control center. There, board-certified specialty physicians (called “intensivists”) closely watch patient progress using video, audio and vital sign monitors.

These specialists don’t replace our ICU physicians and nurses, but instead provide added support. In fact, this ICU and eICU® partnership delivers a level of expertise and attentiveness few hospitals in the nation can match.

Just as physicians make rounds to personally check on patients, the intensivist physician can perform a visual exam through a special real-time camera located above the door of each patient’s room. The camera is always on - as indicated by the green light – but the lens is only turned on the patient periodically. (Otherwise it faces the wall.) The equipment has no recording capabilities, in consideration of the patient and family’s privacy.

Your ICU physician still makes the call regarding your loved one’s care. He or she also decides how much the eICU® team should be involved – from round-the-clock monitoring to consultation to providing treatment.

No matter the level of support, though, the eICU® intensivists coordinate closely with your physician to ensure they’re carrying out the designated treatment plan.

OhioHealth’s eICU® currently serves Riverside Methodist Hospital, Grant Medical Center, Doctors Hospital, Grady Memorial Hospital and Dublin Methodist Hospital. This care is just another example of our continuing commitment to quality patient care.