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Faculty Bios


Faculty Bios

Faculty Bios

Department of General Surgery Teaching Faculty Doctors Hospital and Grant Medical Center

General Surgery Program Director

  • John Galante, DO, FACOS

Peripheral Vascular

  • Robert Brightwell, DO, FACOS
  • Randall Franz, MD, FACS 
  • Richard Pin, MD, FACS

General Surgery, Colorectal Surgery

  • Joshua Braveman, MD

General Surgery, MIS

  • James Massullo, MD

General Surgery, Surgical Oncology

  • Kristin Ryan, DO

General Surgery

  • AJ Campbell, MD, FACS
  • Richard Costin, DO, FACOS
  • Stephen Fisher, DO, FACOS
  • Steven Glatz, MD 
  • Scott Hockenberry, MD, FACS
  • Jeffery Innes, MD, FACS 
  • Mark Jump, DO 
  • BJ Pomerants, MD, FACS

Breast Surgery

  • Mark Cripe, DO
  • Christine Habib, MD
  • Caitlan Truong, MD

Trauma Surgery

  • Paul Beery, MD, FACS
  • Jennifer Hartwell, MD 
  • Josh Hill, MD 
  • Shay O'Mara, MD, FACS 
  • Urmil Pandya, MD 
  • Jason Straus, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Dale Levy, MD

Reconstructive/Plastic Surgery

  • Joseph Minarchek, MD
  • Mark Wells, MD


  • Roy Brown,MD
  • William Gianakopoulos, MD 
  • Rick Taylor, MD


  • Gordon Kim, DO
  • Seth Levin, DO
  • Tasos Manokas, DO 
  • Gaurev Mehta, MD
  • Adam Tzagournis, MD 
  • John Tzagournis, MD 
  • Michael Tzagournis, MD

In addition, the teaching staff is complimented by the faculty at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Nationwide Children's Hospital.